Right AND wrong vs right OR wrong, and the impact knowing the difference

I came upon a picture on social media the other day. It propses at first that everyone has a unique perspective on life and any perspective can be relevant. But it was also modified to contradict this statement by claiming theirs always an intent and you can deduct what is right. This created a lot of commotion online and I saw some interesting perspectives on this subject.

Heres mine: In our culture people often think you’re either right or you’re wrong. The problem is, in a situation or a conflict things are never black and white. Now when it comes to deciding who’s right and who’s wrong, we sometimes take sides for practical use. But being able to perceive the difference between being right AND wrong vs being right OR wrong is important. You see everything people do, they do for a reason. A thief might steal to feed his kids, someone getting angry might do so out of stress. This doesn’t mean we have to accept immoral behaviour what I mean is we need to understand them.

In every conflict theirs two ways of solving it: by fighting a war until theirs a victorious or by coming to an understanding. The problem is, in order to come to an understanding you need to be able to acknowledge your own fault otherwise there’s no reason for the other side to even try. This approach is more than an idealistic proposition of a conflict, but also a practical tool for everyday life. When you understand your own share in the problems you face it suddenly becomes easy to deal with these problems. You simply need to adjust your own input in a situation.