The arts are a more secure career than the sciences — here’s the proof.
Jeff Goins

This is also an important point from the other side of the coin. As a former science graduate student who became a science policy expert, it’s criminal how much folks are warned away from the “starving artist” life style while encouraged to become over-specialized in STEM. If you aren’t flexible, you are more likely to become a starving scientists than not. The only reason this situation is allowed to continue is that those 75% who don’t end up in the careers they trained for do end up with good life outcomes. But I can’t think of any way to prove that STEM degrees guarantees you a job. It seems equally as likely that a person who is capable of getting a Ph.D. (in anything, really) is likely to have good life outcomes. You could take the “artist” out of your list traits of struggling or thriving artists and replace it with “scientist” or just “person” pretty easily.