Preventing Telegram Scams

Dung Dinh
Dung Dinh
Dec 24, 2019 · 2 min read

Don’t be a victim of Telegram scams. Protect yourself with key tips from Tokenize Team.

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Recently, the Tokenize team has observed a spike in the number of fake administrators lurking around our Telegram channel. Here are some tips to guard Tokenize users against Telegram scams!

#1: Beware of Fake Admins on Telegram

In recent months, there has been a rising number of scammers impersonating Tokenize admins.

The official support administrators of our Telegram group:

Qi Yu, @Qyhong
Alson, @lsonzxc
Travis, @Travisteo
Anna, @anna9703

Avoid interacting with dubious accounts to reduce the risk of scams.

#2: Be Cautious of Private Messages On Telegram

Fake accounts impersonating admins on Telegram groups often reach out to unsuspecting users by sending a private message. The official Tokenize team will NEVER private message users first. If you receive a private message from an account you are unsure about, do not give out your personal data.

#3: Do Not Share Personal Documents

Tokenize will never request any personal documents via Telegram. Submission of KYC documents for verification purpose is done on the official platform only. Refrain from sharing any personal information or documents over unofficial channels.

#4: Do Not Share Tokenize Account Information

We will never require you to reveal password or 2FA codes. Do not share these confidential details with anyone.

#5: Beware of Requests For Deposits

Deposits to Tokenize are made via the official Tokenize platform. Tokenize will never ask for deposits via Telegram. Any requests for fiat or crypto deposits are definitely not from Tokenize.

#6: Be Wary of Dubious Online Offers

If you are offered a higher-tier account or special secret trading privileges in exchange for deposits or payments of any kind, it most likely to a scam. Do not provide any personal data or account information to protect the security of your funds and digital assets.

If you are facing any problems or have questions, please reach out by submitting a ticket on our support page.

Kind Regards,

Tokenize Team

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