Do you want a full thank or would you rather support Ukraine?

Today I was checking the news and face the already familiar headline “New increase on gas price, the highest in the last years”.

I risk saying that here in Portugal, every 2 weeks we have news like that.

We’ve blamed the State for the fuel taxes — 60% of what we’ve used to pay was related to taxes.

Then we’ve blamed the companies selling the fuel — fuel was sold with 0,27€ profit per liter.

Now, this time, the State has lowered the taxes and the profits are around 0,06€/l.

So, what caused this raise?

Simple, this is the price of Europe wanting to be “a good person” and punishing the bad guys.

Since the beginning of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the EU announced different sanctions to punish Russia.

Russia is the aggressor, is the invader state and so it must be internationally punished.

But the truth is, last year EU paid about 100 billion euros in oil from Russia, meaning we were punishing Russia for being violent with Ukraine but they were buying guns with our money.

Well, actually some of those guns were sold by Europeans to the Russians when in theory there was an embargo to Russia and we could not sell them guns. We did anyway, but guess that’s another story, right?

Now the European Commission presented a plan called “Repower EU” which intends to create a full energy independence from Russia by 2027.

Brussels wants as well that the 27 sates buy as if they were one customer (to prevent competition) and to create a joint purchasing mechanism where the gas contracts and prices will be negotiated on behalf of all the EU members.

The plan also focuses on the renewable energies; speed up the process! But, also speed up the years’ worth of construction, environment, architecture and social’s bureaucracy?

The energy independence of Europe from Russia (and I would dare to say that from the US would be good as well) is extremely important, but in the meantime we consumers, we citizens, we people who pay taxes will have to accept the price increases and pay without complain.

Because punish Russia and not buy from then is the right thing to do right?

But dear reader, independence comes with a high price…

And as the Italian Prime Minister said, do we rather have peace or air conditioning on summer?



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