Just felt like jotting down the stuff I like. And no, you can’t hack my passwords with them.

Favorite food
Mash potatoes

Favorite color
International Klein Blue

Favorite movie
Holy Mountain

Favorite songs
“Born Slippy” by Underworld, “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker

Favorite book
DH Lawrence / Graham Greene stuff

Dogs or cats

Gold or silver
Rose gold

Android or iOS

Favorite (most admired) persons
Fred Rogers, Amal Alamuddin Clooney

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I have interviewed at dozens of places by now for product roles. Unfortunately all in Hong Kong because my visions of relocating back to Bay Area hasn’t worked out. I’ve taken a break lately because an offer came to me in April and Covid killed my headcount. Then I got back on track and I screw up because it’s been a while.

Know the basics about a company, but don’t over study it. Your interviewer knows more than you do about the business they’re in.

Focus on talking about what you’ve done, the challenges you’ve had and how you overcome them. …

The What, Where, When, Why, and How (kinda)

  1. Write down what you want to make
  2. Write down why you want to make it (maybe it makes you feel happy, it doesn’t have to sell)
  3. Now figure out the steps to make it. Let’s say for example I just want to put a blog together for fun. For my own pleasure and I don’t expect it to grow.
  4. Start writing. Write as much as you can. Put a writing plan together so you know what you want to write about and what to write first
  5. As you keep publishing, hopefully you get more readers /…

  1. Within a Product Manager role, please describe a time where you significantly improved the user experience for a customer using the product. *
    At my latest role I was engaged in a project to revamp an old legacy tool that most end users hated. In the process I collected feedback from everyone (both internal and external), reviewed usage analytics, worked closely with the designer for new UI ideas, and with developers for feasibility. The end result was an extensively relaunched version 2.0 that was much more intuitive, easier on the eye, and relevant to user needs. We no longer received requests for UI/UX enhancements as this release had addressed a majority of those issues. …

Excellent resources on ModernAnalyst.com

What are some of the problems you are faced with when gathering requirements? (This is a good one)

What steps do you take to familiarize yourself with a new organization or assigned project?

What are the four fundamental methods of requirement verification?

Gathering: Questions to ask, and a format

Negotiating Achievable Commitments

Estimation Safety Tips

What happens when the BA and UX worlds collide?

(I am still working on this ok… Not a completed post yet)

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I am just randomly jotting down some thoughts from my latest role in really being a Product guy drowning in a massive backlog of requirements and features. I’ve been in “fintech” for over 10 years now, working on a wide spectrum of stuff related to it. At the end of the day, the process is very much like everything else you do in life. So I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share.

Pushing back on business requirements

Technically, nothing is impossible to implement. So when your business stakeholder comes to you and says I want a pink button, instead of a blue button that is standard across all templates, will you do it for them? …

I would like to note down a bunch of RE dev feedback I got from Cherin. I am really betting on this project to work out so I can at least make about 4–10 years worth of my salary in one go… I am fed up with getting beaten down by corporates and other selfish people who don’t want to get work done, are toxic, and will abandon you. If you have any thoughts, please comment back, would love to hear your experiences!

By the way, this looks like a great course that covers a lot of basics: https://www.coursera.org/lecture/construction-finance/introduction-to-financing-development-projects-6qGaF

Was on the phone with veteran Cherin the other day to cover the risks and pitfalls of development…randomly jotting down points here for the record. To set an example let’s say the land cost is 1.2m, and construction costs are 6.58m. …

Interview result: Team in CoinFi is very strong at what they do and their product requirements move very fast as the crypto market is very volatile. They have at this point abandoned their roadmap. There’s huge potential, but they also face a lot of established competitors like Blockfolio and Hodler.

  1. You’ve taken a look at our Bitcoin investment calculator. Crypto and personal finance is a topic of interest to some financial reporters. Can you:

a) Identify 3 journalists who would be likely to show interest in the calculator. Explain how you found them and why they’re a good fit.

Normally I would get all my crypto news from a combination of more “new wave” news apps and portals (such as Telegram, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, CNN, Cryptovest, Investing.com, etc) as well as traditional mainstream media. …

Interview result: Gatecoin is made up of a very brave team of people who have faith in future crypto success and are fighting hard to keep their heads above the water. Their idea is that the strongest players will survive and smaller players will keep merging. On the front end they want to be an institutional name in legitimate exchange trading, with bigger volume traders, so they stay in the game albeit all the regulatory and customer issues they are facing.

*Section 1 : Content*

1a. Explain what ICOs are and how they work? (>250 words [=267])
An Initial Coin Offering is a way for entities to raise funds for new projects or cryptocurrencies by selling crypto tokens or coins in exchange for cryptocurrencies, and in some cases, fiat currencies. …


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