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Ageing presents a significant risk of becoming or remaining poor, especially in developing countries.

Two thirds of the global elderly population (60 years of age and above) live in emerging and developing countries, where the informal economy employs a large share of the population. Lack of reliable social protection regimes puts a strain on future generations as the elderly depend on their working family members to fund their retirement. …

We’ve just launched the latest in a series of reports on Alternative Finance in Emerging Markets!

This month we look at clean energy and green tech in West Africa, following the successful launch of the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre Investor Database — a unique directory of all alternative capital providers active in the clean technology space in Ghana. In this blog, we look at some of the key data and charts from our Capital Finder database on the financing of green tech companies and projects in the 10 West African countries selected for our report analysis.

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Chart 1: Clean Energy Funders vs. Annual Average Public Flows

Public financial flows to…

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It’s well-known that 9 out of 10 ventures fail within 5 years of their founding. In Silicon Valley, founders largely ascribe their failures to a lack of market fit and insufficient capital. These are challenges encountered by entrepreneurs globally; African startups face these and many others. Even the most promising startups face a high failure rate: of 10 Ghanaian companies highlighted by Forbes in 2013, for example, only one is still active today. As the continent continues to experience a tech ecosystem boom, we look at some of the biggest barriers to success.

General Business Challenges

Africa is made up…

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