Power in Prayer

Isn’t the concept of praying to God and him miraculously answering it… crazy? (A good crazy haha). I do believe that we should be praying whether it be while we are in the valley or high on the mountain tops! When we pray for what we want, we place this high expectation from God to answer our prayers and when he does not answer on our timing — we become frustrated. So being faithful and patient towards God while we wait for our prayer to be answered, he will provide us with what we want but even better than what expected!

There was a time in my life that actually proved this, my mom and I’s relationship is not like other mother-daughter relationships, we RARELY take each other seriously and so when it comes to those times, that is how we identify that whatever one of us is about to say is not messing around. It was my Senior year in high school and it has been not only a rough time for me in school and all of these deadlines that needed to be met. One day after school, my mom sat down my sister and I in her “serious mom voice”, she breaks us the news while holding her tears back stating there would be a possibility of us becoming homeless for a bit unless she finds a way to get finances all aligned. This was due to the fact that insurance could not completely cover my sister’s back surgery so it led to pulling out money from the money she saved for mortgage to pay for the bill. I am usually viewed as the stronghold within the family so I waited until the conversation was over to get into my car, drive in the middle of the shopping plaza nearby my house to spend time by myself; and I blasted my worship music, cried and prayed out loud to God because I did not know what to do. I truly wanted to help my mom pay for those bills because she deserves so much more than what she had to go through.

I tend to keep my emotions bottled until that following Sunday at church, I decided to reach out and grab the prayer request card sitting in the chair in front of me. I did not make it too personal, but I simply just stated for a prayer request for finances to work out with my mom. Weeks pass by and specifically on a Thursday, I received a call from one of the lovely ladies at my church while I was at school painting a poster for promotions stating they received my request. She asked me what was the situation specifically going on with her, what’s her name, and what’s our home address. I found this quite odd but I assumed that they were just going to reach out to her to say that they are praying for her. That night, I came home and my two aunts who were over visiting gave me a smirk when I entered through the garage. My mom came around the corner and said that she needed to talk to me. A billion of thoughts ran through my head, “She’s gonna kill me for mentioning us being homeless”, “I knew I shouldn’t have done anything,” “Wait did I put the dishes away after I ate?!” We all sat down on the couch and she just laid this manila envelope onto my lap labeled with her name in cursive — I could not believe it, there was just no way that it could be what I thought it would be. I opened it and inside was a huge wad of cash, the right amount of money she needed to cover the rest of her mortgage. We were all crying and hugging each other. She later on explained to me that there was an old couple from my church asking if she was Glory (my mother’s name), and handed her the envelope saying, “May God bless you and your family!” and walked away.

Till this day, I still find it amazing how powerful prayer is. I’ve seen many miracles in my lifetime and this was one of them that affected me the most. The church could have easily just gave my mom a call and tell her that they are praying for her and God will support you regardless — but instead, God put it in their hearts to reach out and bless our family with money that we did not have at the time. In the car while I was praying out loud to God, I did not ask God to give us money so that my mom can pay for her mortgage, instead I prayed for Him to protect our family in whatever happens to us in this upcoming season, I praised Him for watching over my sister and the doctors for having a successful surgery, and I thanked Him for blessing me with the life I got to live and it was all because of God. I truly believe since I was faithful during this rough time when I could have easily accused God. There is power in prayer and God answers to those who are faithful.

Psalm 107:28–30 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven