I love creating a home, and I’ve never owned a house. The idea of home ownership is appealing in a way that has given me a desperate Zillow searching habit that is both inspiring and heartbreaking. I’ve spoken to realtors, I’ve looked into 401k loans, I’ve had my credit pulled…

Your life was handed to you; you didn’t earn it.

You’ve been coddled your whole life; you couldn’t possibly understand suffering.

If you’ve ever been a victim, it was because you were too weak. You were asking for it.

You’re out of touch, white girl.

Your low contrast bores me and your voice is annoying.

Shut up, white girl.


The homing pigeon set free every morning

Seeing things you can’t, out there in the broad landscapes

the land of others and the sky of our making blend together

over-watered watercolor

Coming home to tell each other about the world out there

in unintelligible coos; lean in, sit back

we land together and touch hands

I’ll finish this later.

The past week or so, I’ve been struck by two realizations: I’m happy. I’m successful.

Both things I’ve striven for, made plans, measured, scheduled. And then let go. Not consciously. I thought, I’ll revisit that later. Right now I have pressing things to attend to. I’ll get back to my…

Laura Pelofske

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