Plant the Foundation for the Next Hundredfold Coin — Embrace the Trend of Practical Application

“2016–2017 are the years of promises for Blockchain believers. Most of the Blockchain practitioners who survived from the 2014 “Mine Disaster” have changed from miners to promoters of public chains or application technologies. A great portion of them are geeks who had created several Hundredfold/Thousandfold coin projects by using their knowledge of the Blockchain technology.”

The list of the Top 5 increased Crypto Currencies Before December 2017:

1st: Ripple

XRP is a project that has made countless programmers regret not buying more. It used to be a “free gift by signing up” for everyone on the GitHub, and its over-the-counter and private placement prices were only $0.0065. Until December 2017, the price of XRP on major exchanges soared to 2.74 US dollars, an increase of 419 times; at the same time, due to its circulation, the market value of this whole network squeezed into the top 5.

2nd: Ethereum

The predecessor of Ethereum was ETC. After the incident of The Dao hacking, the founder of Ethereaire Vitalik hard-forked the Ethereum main chain. ETH, which inherited ETC’s popularity and partial market capitalization, was only about $7 at the beginning of 2017. Until December 2017, the price soared to $880.54, an increase of 109 times. Although the multiples are not that many, its individual value is greater than others. After the bear market in the first quarter of this year, it is still sitting on the throne of the second largest market value.

3rd: Stellar

Stellar is a public chain project from the United States which focuses on high concurrency & cross-border payment concept. It also formed a partnetship with with IBM. On January 1, 2017, the price of XLM was $0.002464. On December 31, the currency hit the highest level of $0.390380, an increase of 157 times.

4th: NEO

Although there are a lot of controversies about this public chain project from China, the annual increase of this currency in 2017 is still 564 times, from $0.10 to $81.4.

5th: Dash

Dash is an old-fashioned public chain project which followed the step of Bitcoin’s creation. It is focusing on the thorough anonymity and financial payment. In 2017, the annual increase was 142 times, from $11 to $1,609.

We found the projects that achieved hundredfold/thousandfold of revenue in 2017 were all public chain projects. The reason is undoubtedly the lack of the data processing capability of the first generation Blockchain network (which can also be considered as the bitcoin network). Bitcoin, Litecoin and other similar projects have sacrificed processing speed in order to guarantee the security. For projects that focus on scarcity and global financial certification concepts, the processing speed is not user’s concerns.

However, the Blockchain technology cannot focus entirely on the concept of financial certification forever, and the market will not let the bitcoin’s copycat/bifurcation projects keep gaining forever. After the strike of bear market in the first quarter of 2018, although the overall ranking of the market value of Blockchain projects remained unchanged, the market value of most of the above projects was devastated.

Not only the capital speculation has cooled down, but the market also has become more rationality. However, there is a more important reason. The public-chain technology, which is known as TPS (data processing speed per second), can reach 3–4k to carry out “coin reform” (that is, the industry chain) to provide the environment for various entities & Internet industries. However, if there’s no practical application, a strong public chain would still be useless.

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