All About 1–800 Homeopathy

If you are tired of using allopathic drugs, taking those huge capsules and tablets, yet getting no result, then this article is for you. How many times have you used allopathic drugs and thought that this would surely cure me? It does, but for a short period of time. Once you stop taking the drugs, a few days later, the disease is back. And not to mention the innumerable side effects that come with allopathic treatment.

So, what is your option in this tight scenario? You go for homeopathy. Regarded as one of the best mode of treatments, homeopathy will not only cure your disease but will also restrict it from happening in the future. It is a safe and effective method of treatment. The popularity of homeopathy is in the fact that it does not produce any side effects. It helps the body to recover itself physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is 1–800 Homeopathy?

1–800 Homeopathy provides you with the friendly assistance that you will need to cure yourself through the use of homeopathic medicines. It provides you everything about homeopathic remedies and products, information, research and contacts. They will give you all the information needed for a self-care solution that you will need for homeopathic remedies. As their motto says — “homeopathy works and we are doing it right” — 1–800 Homeopathy is your one stop guide that will take you for a side-effect free treatment for your ailment.

Apart from providing you any information regarding homeopathy, 1–800 Homeopathy also acts as an online shopping centre for homeopathic medicines. From simple pain & first aid to cold & flu to stress & vitality to digestion, you will get a range of medicines at the 1–800 Homeopathy’s online store.

1–800 Homeopathy is an established brand and catalogue of Luyties Pharmacal. Luyties Pharmacal is in business for more than 150, and it is a name to be reckoned with.

A note on Luyties Pharmacal

It all started when Herman Luyties, MD, opened a small homeopathic practice in St. Louis in the 1840s. As the demand for his homeopathic medicines increased, he finally opened a homeopathy pharmacy in 1853. In 1857, Luyties Pharmacal Company became the primary source of homeopathy medicines across the country, after the establishment of the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri.

It was the dedication and hard work of Dr. Luyties that have made Luyties Pharmacal a name to reckon with. He worked towards creating more and more treatments and cures for patients, so that they can self-treat themselves, especially the ones who are travelling and those who don’t have the economic strength to pursue costly treatments.

Luyties Pharmacal received the 1904 World Fair’s Grand Prize of Medicine for their superior Purity, Accuracy and Quality. It may be over 100 years now, but Luyties Pharmacal has been true to their prize winning citation — purity, accuracy and quality.

Ever since its establishment, Luyties has been a mush revered family business. The whole history of Luyties helps to understand the products that it offers, the loyal customers that it serves and the classical homeopathy treatment that you will get.


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