Calc Phos And Calc Sulph — All You Needed To Know

Calcarea phosphorica or Calc Phos is a wonderful remedy, prepared from calcium phosphate, which is an important constituent of the body. It is of great homeopathic importance as it can treat a great number of disorders related to nutrition, grief, deprivation etc. Calcium phosphate is of huge importance, as we can understand from its everyday applications. It is used in fertilizers and animal feeds. It also has other medical uses as well. Calcium phosphate is found in bones in the human body. It is also the chief constituent of enamel. This stresses on the importance of Calc Phos, in our body. It is especially very important for nutrition and growth as it makes the bone hard. It is extremely important for the infants during times of dentition and puberty as it is good for accelerating growth.

Usually, children with a dark complexion with dark hair and eyes are in need of this remedy. They are usually delicate, scrawny and lanky. They have a sunken and flabby abdomen. Often they bite their nails and put their fingers into the time. Many developing countries suffer from deprivation syndromes like marasmus and protein calorie malnutrition. The need of calc phos may also be exhibited by physical illnesses like diarrhea, malabsorption, worms or amoebiasis. Children suffering from these diseases develop brittle, thin, soft and weak bones. They also have growing pain and rickets. Late closing of sutures and non-union of fractures are common occurrences. Calc phos is also helpful for children who suffer from imperfect ossification, kyphosis, scoliosis and late closure of fontanelles.

Calc phos is also a very important medicine for the teenagers. They have nutritional deficits as they do9 not want to eat at this stage of their life. This is also the time of rapid growth and they are also under huge pressure. They go to school and other activity centers from where they are under the constant pressure to perform well. They suffer from lack of energy and diminishing motivation. This is the reason why they need Calc Phos.

Calc Sulph or Calcium Sulphate is an important medicine for our cleansing system. This is a cell salt remedy which helps the body to mend wounds which are slow-healing in nature. This supplement is also helpful in treating skin disorders, sore throats, pimples and other conditions which may result in the formation of yellow pus. It is gentle in action and it helps to soothe cold and allergy symptoms. Often the thick yellow mucus is responsible for irritation in the eyes, runny noses and nasal blockages. Calc Sulph is ideally suitable for these conditions as well. The medicine is suited to allergic individuals who tend to suffer from the pollutants or the allergens in the atmosphere. Calc Sulph encourages healing in wounds, acne and sores and eruptions. It is particularly useful when the sores have opened and have started discharging. It is the most commonly used medicine after Silica, which can bring any skin issue to the surface. Calc Sulph brings relief to patients having burning, itching and sweaty soles.


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