Conditions For Prescribing Or Using Ferrum Phos and Calc Fluor

Homeopathic remedies have been in use since the ages unknown. And, wherever there is any discussion about homeopathic remedies, it is almost incomplete without the twelve homeopathic remedies discovered by Dr. Schuessler. Yes, the discovery of the Tissue Salts or Schuessler Salts almost revolutionized the field of homeopathy remedies. Though, most health conscious people are familiar with the usage and benefits of the cell salts, some may still feel sort of confusion about which tissue salt they should consume for a particular disease or a set of diseases. For instance, many of the people may still not know when to consume the Ferrum Phos and Calc Fluor. Even some of the homeopathy practitioner may somewhat feel baffled thinking about whether to prescribe these tissue salts. Here are is a brief guide for the consumption of Ferrum Phos and Calc Fluor.

Ferrum Phos

Ferrum Phos is the abbreviation of Ferrum Phosphoricum. It is a compound used as a homeopathic remedy consisting of iron and phosphorus. It derives its name from Latin iron phosphate. Its formulation is done combining iron sulfate, sodium acetate, and phosphate.

· Conditions for prescribing or consuming Ferrum Phos:

Usually, Ferrum Phos is suitable for the patients suffering from fever. However, it is best suitable if the patient is in the early stage of fever. It is also best suitable for the patients feeling exhaustion or suffering from anemia. Fatigue, nosebleeds, sore throats, vomiting, diarrhea, heart palpitations, ear infection, bedwetting, rheumatic joints, menstrual periods starting with headache, and red and swollen tonsils are some symptoms that can be remedied with Ferrum Phos or Ferrum Phosphoricum.

Calc Fluor

Calc Fluor has several synonyms such as Calcarea Fluorata, and Calcii Fluoridum etc. Its common name is Fluorspar or Fluoride of Lime. Found on the bone surface and enamel of teeth, it is an important mineral. It is also found in epidermis and elastic fibers. Its deficiency can thus cause hard exudation on the bone surface. Again, the dilatation of vessels, abdominal wall relaxation, hanging belly, and womb hemorrhage etc may occur due to the deficiency o Calc Fluor.

· Conditions for prescribing or consuming Calc Fluor

Problem in varicose vein, eczema, hernia, persistent sinus problem, ligaments & tendons, obesity, sacroiliac syndrome when at the time of pregnancy and also after birth, osteoporosis, and constipation due to weak rectum muscles are some conditions for which Calc Fluor should be prescribed.

Physical and mental symptoms

Homeopathic remedies render best result only if the symptoms are well identified. However, it is not an easy task as it requires consideration of both physical and mental symptoms. And, it is one of the reasons that the patients are advised to not take these homeopathic remedies without the consultation of the homeopathic practitioners.

Where to buy homeopathic remedies?

Whether it is the Calc Fluor, Ferrum Phos or any other cell salts; it is advisable to buy from the authorized dealers. It is not at all a difficult task to get these homeopathic remedies. They are available online and one can buy without undergoing any hassles.


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