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Everyone on earth desires a healthy life. However, for some people, the desire remains a mere desire; they fail to take any concrete step towards attaining overall health. There are several external and internal factors that adversely affect health. As per Dr. Schuessler, one of the main reasons of illness is the mineral imbalance in the body. In his Biochemic theory, he explains in detail about how the deficiency of minerals in the body can lead to the debilitation of health. The minerals, as the foundation of enzyme activities act as catalysts of improving the metabolism facilitating the proper functioning of the body. And, it is the significance of the minerals in the body that Dr. Schuessler formulated Tissue salts, and with the passage of time, it has proven to be an overall health booster.

Formulation and health benefits of cells salts

Also known as the Schuessler salts and cell salts etc; the Tissue salts are made of the minerals. Till date, there are 12 basic cell salts that are very much used by the health conscious people across the globe. The minerals such as the calcium minerals, potassium minerals, and sodium minerals etc. are play a significant role in the body to support the body in making the useful vitamins or in making use of these vitamins. Stimulating the basic functions of the body such as maintaining water balance, sodium or potassium balance, and removal of toxins etc, the Schuessler salts reinforce the overall immune system of the body. The functions such as the digestion, maintaining the elasticity of the cells, nutrition, and oxygenation etc receive the required boost from these cell salts.

Terms used for tissue salts

There are various terms that are used for tissue salts and the prospective users needn’t worry about whether they are getting the same thing or something else. The terms such as the Schuessler salts, cell salts, biochemic salts, 12 tissue remedies, and Schuessler mineral salts etc refer to the same thing. Yes, the amateur consumers may, still, feel some sort of hesitation while identifying these health promoting formulations. However, it is not a big issue. The support from the experts is always available to the users and there is no reason why one should not reach the experts in case of confusion. Also, the individual salts are referred to as various synonymous names and confusion should be eliminated before actually paying for these mineral salts.

An efficient homeopathy remedy

Since the beginning of its formulation, the tissue salts have been highly popular as one of the most efficient homeopathic remedies. It is considered to be quite a safe product and even the children as young as 2 years can use it without worrying at all about its side effects. In fact, the Shuessler salts can benefit the entire family in boosting holistic health.

Buying cell salts from reputed distributors

Though, it is quite an easy task to get the cell salts anywhere and everywhere, it is advisable to buy these salts only from the reputed or licensed distributors and avoid counterfeits.


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