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Working in a start-up, when you are the first or sole design hire can be a pretty daunting experience. There are no best practices, no tried-and-tested methods, no mentor figure beside you. You might have a pile of shoddy or messy documentation of some sketches, ideas left lying around in the bowels of the team’s Google Drive. The engineering team is already so used to working week to week without a designer’s input. Hurray! You are now the first design hire with the opportunity to transform the whole design outlook of the budding product, and essentially what the word Design…

A 2.5-week sprint in a group project with Dylan Flowers & Cherie Chambers. We worked with OutSystems, commissioned by General Assembly to work on improving training for developers & users starting the platform. The output was a high-fidelity clickable prototype that can engage users with personalisation of learning journeys, unique to their different needs.

UX Techniques
Market Research, User research (surveys, interviews, competitive analysis), affinity mapping, information architecture, user flows, task analysis, sketching, prototyping & usability testing

Sharpies, whiteboard markers, notes. Invision & Sketch.

Client Objectives
Improving training engagement.

A little about the brand
OutSystems is a low-code platform, targeting at big businesses to visually develop apps for both web and mobiles & allow companies to integrate easily with their existing systems.

Market Research

A 2-week sprint with a team: Timi, Valeria, Rebecca & myself. We researched extensively on both markets & users and worked towards a high-fidelity prototype that can effectively solve the pain points & frustrations of the V&A visitors. We identified key opportunities and designed a hybrid app to make visiting the V&A an easy & engaging experience

UX Techniques
Market Research (feature analysis, contextual inquiry), User research (guerilla testing, interviews, surveys), affinity mapping, empathy maps, user flows, task analysis, sketching and prototyping

Sharpies, whiteboard markers, lots of colourful post-its. Invision & Sketch.

Client Objectives
Make the experience of visiting V&A easy & engaging for the visitors

A little about the brand
V&A Museum in London is the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design. It houses a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects with a great diversity from architecture, fashion, ceramics and so much more.

Competitive Analysis: Market Research
We looked at a few other…

A 2-week sprint that I independently researched, designed, tested, iterated and present a clickable e-commerce site prototype. I was working on ‘Loading Hardware’ and a 75-item inventory to organise and design around. I identified a differentiating selling point and created a website with an inspiration-finding factor.

UX Techniques
User research, user journeys, information architecture, design studio, user flows, wireframes, prototyping and usability testing.

Sharpies, Omnigraffle and Invision.

Client Objectives
Supports the local community by allowing people to order products online and have them shipped to their home, on site.

A little about the brand
Loading Hardware has a small shop appeal and focused on hand-picked quality over quantity.

Competitive Analysis: Market Research
Loading Hardware’s been in business since 1985 and their mottos included service-first with expertise to help their customers out, they focused on choosing everything by hand and they are the biggest little hardware store…

My first week in General Assembly London involved exploring & learning UX techniques and rapid prototyping. The objective of the very first project was to create an interactive prototype of a mobile application. In this 1 week sprint, I had a partner to work with (in my case, it’s Haseeb). I identified a need and aimed towards solving that with an app in a simple and effective manner.

UX Techniques
User research, interviewing, concept mapping, storyboarding, participatory design, sketching and paper prototypes.

Lots of black ink, plain white paper. Marvel app.

Haseeb’s Problem
Haseeb procrastinates when it comes to completing important tasks — messing up plans and losing time.

My Solution
I designed an app that can help to remind him on the important tasks to work on so he can better manage his time.

User Research: Interview
For the user interview, I prepared unbiased questions and wrote down potential follow-up questions. I found it useful not to jump straight into what issues he was having but rather…

Before embarking on the UXDI course General Assembly, I was tasked to do some pre-work, part of the admissions process included on working on a 1-week challenge to show why am I a good fit! I worked on designing a simple mobile app to improve the grocery experience.

When it comes to grocery shopping, the possibilities are endless. Grocers are coming up with so many different channels and mediums to interact with their consumers. The use of online and mobile coupons as well as mobile shopping lists are cited to be the most common in-store digital engagement in use today. It’s too common a feeling where large stores try to get us to be aware of everything in the store except what we came to the store for… to just get some shopping done.

Social Foodie is the app designed to plan a meal with loved ones and…

Cellyn Tan

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