Creating a better learning experience for developers

A 2.5-week sprint in a group project with Dylan Flowers & Cherie Chambers. We worked with OutSystems, commissioned by General Assembly to work on improving training for developers & users starting the platform. The output was a high-fidelity clickable prototype that can engage users with personalisation of learning journeys, unique to their different needs.

Gartner report (left) • Forrestor report (right)

49% mentioned time, budget and 42% said skills gap as their biggest challenges in delivering mobile applications.

Some quotes include “I learn through tinkering” “Some of the best things come from the community.”
Dylan’s fantastic storyboard for the project
It was challenging as we have to facilitate, time-box activities and encourage the team to sketch with ease.
Encourage rapid ideation, targeting the two design challenges at hand.
Writing down features (left) • Quick whiteboarding sketches (right)
Navigation Schema that we looked into

Platform Home (better personalisation to user’s needs)

Paper prototype of platform home (left) • Mid-fidelity prototype (middle) • High-fidelity prototype (right)

Learn (exploding the guided paths)

Paper prototype (left) • Iterations of Progress Rings (middle) • Mid-fidelity (right)

Currently unlearning and rethinking — designing for @DBSBank /