The SciBabe is Neither Scientist Nor Babe: She’s Bullshit

You did a good job of looking into some of the potential misconceptions from a critique of Chiro, and also some interesting stats on how medical practise could be critisised. However I did not see much in the way of hard evidence backing the modern Chiro, although you mentioned difficulty in funding I would expect plenty of evidence for a service tens of millions of people use every year in the US alone. Can you point me in the right direction of some independant studies that give compelling evidence that the version of Chiro you ascribe to is a sound practise? Also you mentioned that there are indeed some facets of chiro that ascribe to some of the highly questionable practices detailed in the critique, but most of it is now sound. Why should then I find a chiropracter over say a physiotherapist, a standard of profession which seems to be what the “good” chiro guys are aspiring to. I would appreciate your insights, I am simply searching for the truth between both arguements and considering if I would indeed use this for my own health issues if needed.

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