How Barstool Sports Uses Social Media As A Weapon
Nick Stellini

Ironic…one could say the same is happening on the other side. That is to say, feminism is supposed to be about the idea of men and women being equal. But all too often, outspoken women carrying the feminist banner will try to use their followers on social media to shame people into thinking\speaking\acting a certain way, one they approve of. I’ve seen plenty of examples where a stupid, unthinking comment cost a man his career. Who hasn’t said something stupid from time to time? Isn’t that stepping on the folks’ freedoms? If you don’t like their shtick, don’t read it. They’re entitled to their opinions, backward or not. And are you really surprised that when you hit them on twitter with a snarky comment, they roasted people with off color humor? What did you think would happen, they’d engage in a spirited debate about the merits of feminism?

All I see is a couple whiny young people complaining about how unfair it is they’re jobless and how the bloggers’ nasty words hurt their feelings. They’re not hiding behind satire you dopes, it was a weak joke about a middle eastern news outlet…a shot they took because half their shtick is “defending the wall” for their teams. It’s a comment the irrational pride people take in their fandom. Jen Mac Ramos took a tweet that had nothing to do with her or feminism, made it about herself, and then tried to run to the court of public opinion to cast shade on a blogger. It didn’t work out, and the internet turned on her, in the same way it usually does, with a vicious verbal attack aimed at what they thought would hurt her most. I don’t think we can blame KFC for the nature of the interwebs. To me the feminist debate is all too similar to the abortion debate; if you don’t like it, don’t support it. Counsel friends and loved ones about not supporting it. But GDI, at the end of the day, live your life and let other people live theirs, make their own decisions. If they’re truly misogynistic, it’ll come back around on them eventually. If they’re just throwing around bad words like middle schoolers, you don’t need to try and compel society to shame them into acting in a way you deem appropriate. No matter how disgusting you find their actions and opinions. This is America GDI, and I’ll defend to the death their rights to be jerks. Free jerks.

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