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Have you ever been like me? Knocking out projects without thinking, not using any creative brain cells at all because everything has become so routine? Another request comes in with a reasonable due date, but the pressure of perfection is louder that the inspiration of curiosity?

I tend to get wrapped up in this debacle quite often at work. In a sporadic outburst I embrace a new creative course, get excited about it, produce encouraging results, but after the execution, I fall right back into the same old boring routine of normal work. …

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Henry Miller on the Beautiful Osmosis of Giving and Receiving

Wow, just wow. For the longest, I have been struggling with pride and thinking I deserve more than I actually do in life. Before I start I will declare that I am not perfect and never will be, so I will probably continue to struggle with pride. The transparent truth is that I would not be human if I did not struggle with this.

However, it’s not just about realizing this truth, but in addition, leaning towards the One it is Truth. …

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Me & JB (a.k.a Justin)!

He was the libero (volleyball person with the different color jersey) everyone talked about, the best passer to come through Messiah, and his position was my position. I had no idea if this fact would make or break our relationship. I knew I had to give it my all and push to play my best despite his ability, but I had to also make sure his expertise didn’t boil my pride. I had to keep my composure despite having a good view from the bench.

“But hey, although the bench and I did develop a solid relationship, thankfully it didn’t last too long — as I was able to take the court after he graduated. …


Celtson Toote

UX Developer, LifeWay Christian Resources,

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