Acknowledging information privilege is an obstacle. And going into the reasons I’m setting up Focus Fork.

This article was first posted to my website.

I’ve received 592 messages with unique COVID-19 “asks” and “offers” from members of the professional networks I’m part of since 1st of January, 2020. These messages were posted by business leaders (and owners) and many involved global multi-million dollar deals. Other messages involved significant charitable drive.

As I read those messages, I’ve noticed a pattern: Information asymmetry.

Not the typical information asymmetry though. You know. When the seller, for instance, knows privileged information about what they are selling, whereas the buyer doesn’t.

e.g. You as a seller, know the exact quality of…

creatorstory code on Github

This article was first posted to my website.

It’s been some time since creatorstory has been sunset.

I’ve learned immensely from the wonderful journey that happens in the creation and ending of a new product (wrote a few words about it on This is NOT a startup post-mortem). The biggest learning, however, was more personal: I’ve learned that I could be resourceful beyond what my skills limit me.

So, in the hope that the code might come useful to a resourceful one out there, someone growing a community and on the lookout for a product that helps them curate crowdsourced…

Why we are building Hen

This article was first posted to my website.


  • For the last two months we’ve been busy building a new product called Hen.
  • Since October 2015, we’ve shipped (products, prototypes, content, hired talent) and learnt (a lot)
  • If you can’t “talk metrics” yet (#JargonAlert: TCV; ACV; Active users; etc), you don’t yet run a company, you are working on a project
  • It will be hard to ship it if you are not obsessed with a problem or are hiring others not equally obsessed
  • You can solve a problem in several different ways. If you are working on one solution for…

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