Random Restrictions

I hope to one day be a meme as well

Trinity Irish Pub $27.38 (IOU’s)

After getting an email telling me about the fantastic 4th year specials at trin, I decided to watch the Hoos take on North Carolina there with a friend. After a long day of work, I thoroughly enjoyed my mac and cheese, giant pretzel with cheese, and a pitcher of beer (the joys of being a college student). After a brutal game and another pitcher courtesy of the Hoos losing by one point, I took on the full bill to pay my friend back for a previous night we were at bars. With the bill being a little over, my friend provided an IOU with Christian’s pizza. We had a strictly barter relationship.

Mellow Mushroom $5.00 drinks (Five dollar minimum)

Every Tuesday I enjoy going to Pint night at mellow with a couple of friends. One thing I’ve always found rather annoying is that if you want to pay with credit card, you have to buy more than one drink. This restriction actually changes my spending habits and I usually end up starting a tab despite only planning on one drink. Sometimes I’ll split with my friend and ill just venmo her, but generally I go in knowing im going to have to spend at least more than 5 dollars.

As much as I enjoy this weather, I’m also scared for my future

Mincers $21.01 (brothers gift card, no I am not Christopher)

Thanks to global warming, the weather on Wednesday was amazing. I was walking around in a long sleeve shirt and leggings when I passed a girl wearing that blue t-shirt I kept seeing. I finally walked straight into mincers since I had a gift card. When the cashier asked my name and I said Myers, she stared at me and asked if my first name was Chris. It hit me that I had stolen my brothers gift card from ages ago. I had no idea it was marked to any one person. I laughed and said it was my brothers and I was able to get my shirt, but I was definitely caught off guard by that.

Seriously top buying that 33 cent crap and make an authentic bowl. You wont regret it

Cville oriental $13.36 (10 dollar limit)

I found this amazing recipe for authentic chicken ramen that I cook at least 3 times a week now. I like to stop at this one Asian market on Emmet for all my ingredients. Today I just needed to pick up ginger eggs, and sliced beef, but when I got to the cashier I saw you needed to pay at least 10 dollars to use your credit card. This meant I bought more eggs that I wanted to. It’s a good thing I like omelets.

ok but how famous do you have to be to have your HOUSE on coin?

$11.00 Monticello (2 for price of 1)

My friend and I decided to check visiting Monticello off our “117 things you have to do before you graduate” list today. Prepared to drop the 22 dollars on Jeffersons home, we were both pleasantly surprised to learn if you were a student it was two for the price of one. I ended up venmoing her to pay her back.

My spirit animal

$8.00 + $2.00 Play and m&ms (24 hours late so had to pay, cash only)

I hate musicals. I had initially planned on getting the free “at-least-24 hours-in-advance” ticket to watch the play, but after passing out and waking up at 2 am, it was no longer an option. Because I am an amazing friend, I sucked it up and paid the 8-dollar ticket fee and went to the show. Right before, I decided to buy a 2-dollar m&m bag I could sneak in. I was shocked to learn it was cash only, so my friend and I dumped our purses and used a one-dollar bill, three quarters, two dimes, and nickel. While the m&ms were good, the play was the worst thing I had ever seen.

accurate representation of me that night

Harris Teeter $2.50 (2 slices of cake)

Being an adult means I can now go out for pie, cake, or cookies whenever I want and no one can stop me. I do this at least three times a week. This particular Friday I woke up on my friends couch with a deep need for key lime pie. Naturally, I drove to Harris Teeter at 3 am in the morning fully expecting to get this pie. Instead, I ran into a sign that said 2 cake slices for the price of one. Guess I was getting cake now.

Victorias Secret $12 (2 for 24)

Woke up to this awesome email from Victoria’s Secret about a 2 for 24 deal on bralettes. My friend and I were so excited we decided to go to the mall today and shop together. I rarely shop at VS, but there are these exceptions.

Total: $1o2.25

I initially looked at my bank account in contempt. How on earth could I have spent so much money? Besides spending most of my money on food, it hit me that practically all of my spending habits actually revolved around several “restrictions”. It would turn out that much of spending habits was simply because of card rules or some kind of deal.

After examining my bank account, I immediately began to think about Wherry’s article. Wherry described the four different social characteristics that exists surrounding how individuals approach pricing. They were categorized into the frivolous, the frugal, the faithful, and the foolish. While we learned they weren’t mutually exclusive, people (myself included) like to categorize themselves and I sat the whole class trying to decide which group I would fall in. Because of all the sales I partake in and strict budget my parents give me, I like to think I’m frugal. The more I looked at my bank statement however, the more I realized I’m probably more frivolous. Wherry describes the frivolous as someone who, “seems to throw calculation to the wind (not calculating) but may do so without suffering dire economic consequences (near to the economic mainstream of society)”. I admit I often buy things in the spur of the moment without thought of how it could affect my future. I’m privileged enough to have not only a well paid job, but also a weekly budget from my parents. Wherry further discusses an individual’s perception of the scarcity of material sources and whether or not an individual has long-term or short-term time horizon accounting. If my cake purchase or Mincers T-shirt didn’t already illustrate my frivolous spending for things I consider small purchases, it’s true that I rarely think twice about my purchases.

My purchasing of MnM’s also reminded me of Bill Maurers article. In his article, Maurer discuses the evolution of money and the forms of payment that have developed over time. He said that, “credit cards are extremely fast, convenient, and easy to use” which I absolutely agree with. However, this reliance I had on credit cards often caused me to spend more than I wanted to. During several of my purchases, there was a minimum fee to use my card. This fee actually changed my social habits surrounding my purchase. From starting a tab to buying way more than I planned, it would seem the credit swipe fees for businesses’ affected the consumer as well. Maurer also describes the faulty assumption that each new form of money replaces the last. I can’t stand cash only places because of how reliant I am on my credit card now, but when it came to the two dollar pack of MnMs, I was willing to dump my purse and scrap up all the change I could get.

Despite how savvy I used to think I was with all the sales, I definitely think I could ease up on the random purchases and either bring more cash on me or start venmoing others to avoid that minimum credit fee.