How Will the EU-Google Fight End?

Christoph C. Cemper
Jan 2, 2019 · 2 min read

Did you hear the news?

Google was sued for over €2.5 billion.

That’s almost $3 billion for anti-competitive behaviour in Europe.

Why I’m surprised the EU took action

This has been going on for 5 years and I’m surprised that the European Union finally took action and actually made a decision.

Usually large companies — and that’s nothing else for the government — are slow and sometimes just procrastinate or not decide at all.

What the EU-Google fight is all about

The European Union actually put this penalty on Google.

They expect, they require them to prove that they improve their system so that actual other companies other businesses, that had a disadvantage because of Google’s behaviour benefit now, which I think is very very tough.

It’s not easy and if Google doesn’t comply they need to pay a fee, a fine, actually a penalty for every day that they don’t comply to the European Union, to the taxpayers of the European Union.

So I am very very curious what happens next.

Will Google comply?

If Google decides to pay the fine and comply, they need to change their business.

They need to change their business model, their marketing, their instructions, their operation manuals, all these things.

Don’t just think about the money.

The European Union wants Google to change.

The other option would be Google says OK. That’s the price of doing business in Europe.

What’s 5% of our annual?

I pay 55% of my annual income.

So what’s 5% compared to that?

Google could just go and say,

“Yeah whatever, that’s a new tax, that’s our Europe tax” and just move on and continue to do, what they do.

And so all the money and all the time and effort spent on this court ruling is actually just gone, blown away.

This happened before… With Microsoft

Just like it happened to Microsoft.

In 2004 there was a similar ruling against Microsoft where the European Union screwed it up as well.

They learned from that. Back then they said, Microsoft has to do this, Microsoft has to do that and pay a fine.

They had to ask their users if Internet Explorer should be their standard.

This is why when you run Windows, you get this question:

“Hey we have Internet Explorer would you like to use it? OK or Cancel?”

99% of people click on OK anyway, when they get a question like that.

And that got Microsoft out of the problem.

But it’s different for Google

This is different now for Google.

So how will the EU-Google fight end?

I’m very very curious to see what happens.

You too? Let me know. What do you think?

Thank you.

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