The One Leadership Skill You Need to Build a Team You Love

You know what I love most about my team?

They talk about problems with me.

The one thing you need for better teamwork

Sounds crazy?

Well let me tell you that in most companies, including my own company in the past, we had problems for way too long.

And many people in companies, in teams do not want to address a problem.

“It’s bad to talk about other employees.”

“It’s uncomfortable, it’s not socially acceptable.”

Whatever the drama, whatever the brainwash from our society, this is a fact and it is everywhere.

Problems don’t go away

The problem is:

Problems don’t go away.

The problems just stay.

If you are a business owner and you are responsible for a team and you are not aware of problems in the team, then you are the problem yourself.

Why you need to be aware of problems

You cannot act, you cannot immediately act.

With some problems you need to take immediate action, with some problems you need to change a plan of action.

Or if you don’t take any action, at least get your expectations right.

“What do you mean — We cannot fly to the moon in one hour?”

“No sir, it’s not possible.”

“OK, then we will take a couple of days to fly to the moon.”

You know what I’m saying?

Leadership skill #1? Don’t disconnect from the team

As leaders, as business owners, we are sometimes way above the team, way above the people actually doing the work being in all the details.

And you wanna make sure to not disconnect.

Disconnecting from the team is the biggest single problem that I see.

That I had in my team, that I see happening in companies.

You wanna make sure that you get that feedback no matter how bad it is.

Thank you.

Want more?

Want more leadership advice? Check out my book “Spaghetti Code: Detangling Life and Work with Programmer Wisdom”:

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Christoph C. Cemper

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