Why You Should Learn a Second Language

When you listen to me, you might think:

“I cannot understand that dude, what’s his accent?”

Listen, English is my second language, I learned it at the age of 10 or 11 and just continued and learned it better because I needed it for business.

Learn a second language to develop your brain

If you learn a second language (this is why my kids learn a second language, English, at the age of 3), you develop different parts on your brain.

There is a lot of science on that- Google it, and you’ll see.

If you learn a second language or a third language new parts in your brain develop regarding creativity, endurance, performance, and speed of thinking and these parts would not develop in the same way otherwise.

So learning a second or third language at an early age is the best thing that you can do for your kids. I don’t care if it’s English or German or Mandarin or Russian, whatever you believe.

Raising your kids bilingual is a major gift to them

The truth is, who knows what the world will be speaking in 20 years? It’s probably not German, maybe not even English.

I don’t know. But if you take that aspect aside and think about all the positive side effects from learning a second language and raising your kids bilingual, then this is this one major advantage.

You give them a brain that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

How’s that for a parental tip, from an entrepreneur?

Thank you.

Want to develop yourself?

Want to learn a new skill?

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Originally published at Christoph C. Cemper.

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