Life without Facebook (friends) part 1.

Yes, I’ve also reached that level which most of us reach at some point. I’m done with Facebook. I don’t want to waste my time with pointless scrolling anymore. But I know myself, if I just deactivate my account, it will take only a couple of days to re-open it, so I chose another way to do it, such as deleting all my friends, even the closest ones.

To be honest, now I feel like I’m in a nightmare, that I’ve lost all my loved ones and I won’t be able to express myself when I’m happy, angry, sad or just being silly. But here I am writing about my experiences, which I seldom do, because I was spending my time on Facebook instead.

Here are the things that happen to me when I’m trying to start this new part of my life:

  1. People say things like “I love you and I won’t unfriend you” or “What’s happening, is everything OK?” (and it makes me feel like an attention whore or just a cold-hearted prick)
  2. I feel like I’m commiting a -virtual- suicide.
  3. I feel alone, than relieved, relaxed, but alone again. I hope I’ll get used to it.
  4. I know that there’s no coming back, I can’t add one hundred something (and the number is still growing) people back. It’s frightening for now.
  5. As my number of friends decreases, I come across weird people on my news feed, who I wasn’t even aware we were friends.

That was my first thougths about my new life on my new humanless Facebook. I will share more in the upcoming days.

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