7 helpful steps to become a powerful empath

Instead of feeling drained around people, we can learn to use our deep empathy to feel strong and connected.

We can then become a positive charge that will uplift others and society.

Here are a few steps that help this process…

1. Remember who you truly are

Our true nature is divine. Each of us is an enlighten soul experiencing a journey on earth, with millions of other fellow souls.

As such, we are all already deeply connected, like all the facets of a magnificent crystal. We reflect different aspects of humanity, but we are on the same boat. We are all experiencing the hardships that come with having a human body. We just deal with it in different ways.

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We are powerful souls made out of pure and unconditional love. As such, we are here to transcend our sense of separation from other human beings. Instead of looking for differences, we can acknowledge that the light within others is the same as the light within us.

It will bring unity and compassion instead of separation and judgment.

2. Connect to the earth and the universe daily

Meditation is the cornerstone of all spiritual practice.

It is a much-needed tool, as it will allow us to calm our minds.

We can learn tap into our true nature, which lies beyond the limitations of the mind.

Sit in meditation.

Once your mind is calmer, connect to the earth by visualizing roots growing from the sole of your feet. You can then feel grounded, safe, at home. Absorb the energy from the earth and radiate it everywhere in your body.

From the crown of your head, receive the energy from the universe. I like to visualize a liquid white light, spreading everywhere in my body.

This universal energy is there to make us feel connected to our true divine nature, our soul. It will connect us to all the other souls living on earth right now.

Allow both energies to flow in your body and meet up in your heart center. Then, from this loving place, start shining this light all around you.

When we practice this meditation, we allow ourselves to tap into the highest frequencies possible for us right now. We can recharge our batteries and become a channel of universal energies. We then become like a beacon of light and can radiate strong and loving energies all around us.

As emphatic humans, it is very important to connect daily to those high energies. We become used to vibrate with uplifting energies and will recognize them into others.

We can become a shining light for people around us and stop worrying about the fact that they are draining.

Why worry when we have an endless supply of energy flowing through us?

3. Create a bubble of protection

Continuing the previous meditation, we will use the channeled energy from the earth and the universe. As we gather it into our heart center and start radiating the light, we connect to unconditional love.

We can then visualize this light creating a gigantic bubble of light all around us.

This bubble of light is made out of pure loving energies.

We can then set the intention that only positive and high energies come through it and reach us. We can ask to only receive the experiences that are there for our highest good.

All the low vibrations and negativity can stay outside of the bubble, so it won’t affect us. We might feel them, but they won’t affect us.

4. Check your circle

Our circle is the people that we hang out the most with. Our family, our friends, our colleagues.

As much as possible, we want to surround ourselves with uplifting and positive people.

Ask yourself if there are some people in your life that drag you down in their negativity. After being around people like that, we feel depressed, lethargic, unhappy, relentless.

It is necessary to have an honest check in with our circle. We can then keep the most uplifting relationships closer to us, and create space with the ones that are not.

There are two categories to distinguish here: the constantly negative people and the ones that are simply going through difficult times.

The constantly negative people just can’t be happy.

Creating space with them might simply mean that we see them less.

It can be as well that we need to have an open and honest conversation with them.

When we let some people go, we create space for new people to walk into our lives. Make sure to choose your new friends wisely by looking for the qualities and values that you want to cultivate into your life.

The second category is very different. I’m talking about a friend who’s usually an uplifting person to have around.

That dear friend is going through a tough time and hence, is negative and very low on energy. She can feel depressed, angry, anxious.

She struggles and needs our help.

This is then that we can recognize how important it is for us to rise up to the occasion to be a powerful empath.

We can see the struggle and understand the lows, but as well know that it is temporary.

With our love, our empathy, our compassion, we can be the positive charge in our friend’s life that will make all the difference for her.

We all need a loving friend at times. We can be that friend to others too.

5. Be loving, joyful, grateful and enthusiastic

Cultivate love over fear.

Love is way more powerful than fear because it vibrates on very high frequencies and comes from God Source.

Love includes powerful emotions that we can cultivate daily.

So, when the time comes to bring those feelings out for others to feel better, they are already there, ready to be used.

Cultivate gratitude, joy, enthusiasm. Do it daily, and more than once a day.

The more we tap into those feelings, the more we can see them in others too.

People are beautiful, fascinating and in great need of being loved for who they are.

We all need to be seen, to be acknowledged.

Smiling at a stranger, saying a kind word, giving a hand when needed, all of those are simple gestures that can enlighten someone’s life.

That is being a powerful empath in action!

When we see people that are in a bad place, we can send them love from our hearts, so they can feel it. We do not need to know their struggles or agree with them. We can simply wish them to be loved and happy.

6. Check your mindset

Our mindset is what will make the difference in the end.

It is what will determine if we are feeling drained around others or can stay in our own high vibrational energies.

Fearing that our energy will be sucked out by energetic vampires is going to allow that to happen. What we think, we become!

Instead, if we feel exhausted by others, we can tap into the earth and the universal energies. We can create our bubble of protection and radiate loving light all around us.

At times yes, we are in situations that are draining and that we can’t escape.

Then, we can simply choose to be fully present, surrendering to what happens. We can choose to trust that we are protected and safe anyway. We can remind ourselves that we are a divine soul, so we are powerful beyond measure.

Knowing that the situation won’t last, we can remember that we will have time to recharge our batteries later.

Keep on practicing positive thinking. It literally is a mental practice.

We always have the choice to see a situation from different angles.

If we can’t think of anything positive at the moment, then we can simply remind ourselves that we are learning and hence growing. That the lesson will come afterward. That’s positive and it brings detachment.

Detachment is a great skill to cultivate. We become the witness of our thoughts and of what’s happening. We aren’t drained as much as we become the observers.

7. Be the positive charge

When surrounded by negative people, what I find the most draining is not to do anything about it.

I mean, nothing is worse than having a group ranting about something, just going on and on about how bad and horrible life is.

Well, if we don’t step in, they won’t have a chance to hear another way of being.

It requires courage and vulnerability. It isn’t easy.

But it is so empowering!

Next time you find yourself in this kind of situation, observe why it is so draining…

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was by your own energetic blocks. The ones that you create around you because of your fear of speaking up…

It is terrifying to say “I disagree” to a group of people. Yes, by doing that, we put ourselves under their fire.

But no one will ever bring changes without creating waves. No one will feel empowered by staying quiet in front of negativity and injustice when every part of our being is screaming for us to say something!

By staying quiet, we kill a part of our soul. We reduce it to silence. We are then draining ourselves out of our own divine energy.

We end up blaming others for draining us with their negativity. It is easier to do that than acknowledge our own weaknesses and inability to step up!

Speaking up by being the positive charge is not yelling like a mad person.

It is speaking up from the heart, in a calm yet powerful way.

As with everything else in life, it comes with practice. The more we learn to speak up from a place of truth and authenticity, the easier it becomes.

And that, my friend, is the most powerful recipe for being a strong empath. The one that is there to change the world from a place of love!

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