How to use our intuition in difficult times

Cendrine Sauvenier
May 8, 2019 · 5 min read
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I consider myself to be highly intuitive. I do not only use my intuition for myself but as well in my work as a psychic.

I even started to teach others how to use their intuition to live a life that is more aligned with their soul’s purpose.

So yep, I feel pretty confident in that field…

But then, the greatest teacher, life, comes along with its lessons of humility.

My mother is at the hospital in Belgium. She has been for about 2 months now. I am at loss with what is going to happen to her. I do not know how to handle this emotionally. I am too close to her to be able to see. I am too scared to go within me and find the ocean of sadness that is getting harder and harder to ignore.

At the same time, my relationship with my boyfriend has exploded out of nowhere. I am left feeling heartbroken and lost. He was a spark in my life and the first man I truly wanted to be with since my marriage broke down. I thought it was going great and we had a future together. Obviously, that wasn’t my intuition guiding those thoughts but more my human desire to have a companion in life.

In both situations, I didn’t see it coming, I’m not sure why it has happened, or how to deal with all the pain I have in my heart. I tune in and my intuition gets sabotaged by my negative thoughts, by my pain, and by my fears.

I know very well that time will help to understand the bigger picture, but right now, I can’t be very intuitive for myself in these two situations.

In this case, life is teaching me to surrender in the non-knowing.

Things we can’t control are there to teach us that we are not meant to know everything.

It’s one thing to know and feel that we are light beings and can create the life we want and heal ourselves. It’s fantastic to have deep faith in life and trust that everything happens for a reason. That’s the way to go to reach a higher level of consciousness.

But it’s another thing to experience intense human suffering. When the emotional pain becomes so strong that it affects our everyday life, our physical body, our mind; what is our intuition going to do to help?

I am experiencing this at the moment…

This is a perfect example of duality. The contrast of having deep faith in the fact that I am a strong soul and that all are there to teach me; and my reality of being sad, angry and lost.

So, what does my intuition tell me that is actually helpful right now?

It doesn’t tell me what’s going to happen with mum. It doesn’t tell me that everything will be ok in the end. It doesn’t even show me where her soul is and how she is doing within.

The little voice in my head keeps on telling me to get out in nature, to go for a run, an ocean swim, a hike. It tells me to work hard because my work is my calling and every word I write will soothe my broken heart.

My intuition reminds me of all the self-care I need to go through this time in my life with more ease and grace.

The messages are kind, helpful, supportive and encouraging.

All the questions I have about mum and her condition or why my ex-boyfriend can hurt me so much are meant to be left unanswered, for now.

So instead of chasing what can’t be given, I chose to listen to my soul and my angels. They are sending me insights on what I can do to go through this with more lightness.

If using our intuition means that we get more confused and lost, then we are not doing it right.

Our intuition might be accurate and indeed show us our future, but it doesn’t mean that we are ready to see it.

If what we see and hear is not to our liking or is hurting too much, then we will just discard it as being ‘ridiculous’.

For example, many of us won’t accept the fact that their relationship with their partner is actually over. We might know it deep down, but we are too scared to even think about it.

My mum could die or live but I can’t tune into either of those possibilities because both of them seem equally painful. When I try that, I feel as if my heart had been removed from my chest entirely. I feel like I’m falling and haven’t got my wings ready to help me.

I know that it’s over for good with my ex but just the thought of not being with him is so hurtful that I try my hardest not to think about it.

Sometimes, all that we need is time to integrate what is happening. What we need is to surrender to God Source, in total trust.

We can let go of the need to know, the need to control and act.

How can we use our intuition then?

We can tune in and check in to see how we are doing in total honesty.

Like right now I’m an emotional wreck. But I am as well loving my physical exercises, my walks in nature and my sea swims. I am a good mum and my work is very fulfilling.

So, I ask my soul what it is I can do to care for myself right now and I listen and act accordingly.

No big questions, no life-changing decisions… Just simple advice from my wise spiritual self to my hurt human self.

We all need to keep on tuning in to receive the precious treasures that will be offered by our soul.

Try to do this practice to help with the alignment of your inner truth and actual life situation:

See yourself as a beautiful angel… Observe your colors, your wings, your inner power. Feel that you are a divine spark and that as such, you have wisdom, intuition and an unlimited amount of powers.

Observe with detachment the challenges that you are experiencing. Literally, watch yourself as your own angel. See your struggles, feel them in your physical body, embrace all that comes.

As your angel would tell you, say encouraging and healing words to yourself.

Feel and connect to your true divine power. Then, care for your human wounds, as the angel does: with unconditional love, patience, and support.

Care for your humanity as your angel cares for you.

It is ok to feel this way…

But as a light being you know better, this will pass, this is meant for a reason. You are learning, growing and getting stronger from this. Let that hold your pain.

Ask yourself what it is that you can do today to care for yourself… Listen to your soul’s advice and act accordingly.

When we align ourselves with both our truth and our humanity, we create unity.

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