Lay the foundations for your intuition and reduce your anxiety

Cendrine Sauvenier
Apr 16, 2019 · 8 min read
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I often get asked how we can reduce our anxiety, and how we can be more intuitive. But actually, how can developing our intuition help to reduce our anxiety?

Think about it… Why are we anxious?

I get anxious if I feel that I haven’t got much control over my life, or when I don’t seem to find the ‘me-time’ necessary to recharge my batteries. It becomes a physical sensation. I feel oppression on my chest, my heart is beating faster, my mind is confused, and my emotions all over the place.

I know that I have to learn to go with the flow but at times, the flow seems to push me into a rough see where I struggle to breathe.

Intuition is the ability to tune in and listen to the little voice within. Our intuition is the language of our soul, it is the language of higher consciousness. ‘What knows best’.

When we reject our intuition, we create resistance to our deepest needs.

You see, it’s one thing to be willing to develop our intuition, but it is another to actually accept what it brings up. Then, the next step is to actually act so we can swim with the flow of life.

Being able to receive our intuition as it is can reduce anxiety because we learn to trust our inner guidance. We learn that there is a part of us that knows better. That little voice comes from beyond our fears and the negative beliefs we have about our self. It translates to us the immense power that resides within us and that we want to tap into.

To reduce anxiety and increase our intuition, we need to lay the foundations that will allow us to trust ourselves and find our inner compass. Once we can do that, we will feel more in control of what happens to us.

There are 5 steps to laying our foundations:

  • Get enough sleep.

That is by far the most important. If we don’t sleep well, our brain can’t process information as well as it would with a good night of rest. When we lack sleep, it is harder for us to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system (the one responsible for feeling calm and relaxed). Our body has to be on constant alert so we can perform our tasks during the day. It can make us edgy, stressed out, and anxious.

A lack of sleep makes our brain feel more sleepy. We can sometimes experience brain fog and a lack of concentration. The mind is relentless and our thoughts act without much control. It becomes very difficult for us to recognize the thoughts that come from a higher place.

So whatever you need to do to get your sleeping problems sorted, stop procrastinating and get some help.

  • Get some fresh air

Going outside in nature has many health benefits.

Honestly, walking for hours was the key to helping me get out of my burn out. The fresh air, the silence of nature, the movements, all help our physical body to relax. Our mind slows down and the stress leaves. It is a fantastic way to learn to meditate by practicing mindfulness. Our intuition will flow more easily because we are not triggered my so many stimuli (people, music, screens, kids, etc).

I often find that to start with, my mind is agitated. But then, I keep on walking, trying not to focus on any of my thoughts. After maybe 20/30 min, I observe a huge change in myself. I am calmer, more focused and happier. I then observe the thoughts that come and often I notice that they have changed,

It’s not the constant nonsense that’s there any longer, but interesting ideas instead! I find new ways of seeing a relationship, a challenge, a career path. I can’t help but marvel a the effectiveness of linking nature, exercise, and intuition.

  • Food and drinks!

What we put inside of our body has a huge effect on our mental health. We need to get all the mineral, protein, healthy fats and the rest, so our body can function at its best.

Eat healthy whole food. Avoid all processed food as it is just a nightmare for our body. It actually regards it as toxins and our liver has to work twice as hard to process all that. We shouldn’t even call it food if you want my opinion…

Try to consider eating less meat, or going vegetarian completely.


Because basically, you are ingesting another living being. All beings have emotions and emotions are stored in the body. When you eat a piece of an animal that has suffered and that was very anxious because it knew it would die soon, you are actually absorbing those emotions in your system.

Is that crazy to think this way? I do not think so…

When I was around 7, I remember eating liver (I know, gross right). I had to leave the table to go to get some fresh air. When I came back I was in tears. Mum asked me what happened, and I told her that I could hear the animal screaming in my head, that it was suffering so much. Mum was highly spiritual and understood me. I never finished my plate.

Later, I learned that the liver is where our emotions are being processed… It is the organ that clears our body, our mind, and our emotions.

When our body is healthy as can be, our mind will be sharper and it will be easier for us to manage our stress level.

Our body is the vehicle of our soul. It translates the soul’s messages through clairsentience. If our body is well looked after, it will become the best tool for our intuition to manifest.

  • Avoid energetic modifier

What on earth are those???

Well, I’m sure you can guess even if you don’t want to!

It’s all the substances that we absorb that change the natural circadian cycles (hence preventing us from having a good night of sleep amongst other things).

If we drink too much coffee, we will be agitated, our heart increases and we become edgy and snappy. The same goes for sugary food.

All the energy drinks and alcohol are the body and mind’s worth nightmare.

If we smoke recreational weed heavily or take drugs, then we change the natural energetic flow of our body. Because weed and drugs change our neuropathways we have to be informed and careful about their use.

Let’s not mix up recreational drugs that are there just to give us a shot of energy on parties or numb us completely, from proper medication.***

This subject is fascinating and I love reading about it. But I’m not a doc so do your own research and keep your horizons open as there are many different opinions on the subject.***

So my friend, here again, look closely at what you put in your body and make the necessary adjustments. It’s not necessary to cut off everything. Keep your little unhealthy pleasures for special occasions and don’t feel guilty about it our it will make you anxious!

Energetic modifier will directly affect our brain. As mentioned, it is harder to control our emotions and we get cut off our intuition. It’s the same process experienced with eating unhealthy food, except that here, the reaction is bigger and faster.

  • Avoid toxins

Here, we can think about all the toxins we can remove ourselves from our life, knowing that there are still plenty out there we will be exposed to.

I’m talking about all the nasty chemicals in our beauty and hair products for example. Really, my friend, your skin is the biggest organ in your body. When you put chemicals on it, it goes directly in the blood system, it is not filtered by the liver. So it is an even bigger red flag than food and energetic modifiers!!!

Switch to organic beauty and hair products. Do you think it’s expensive? Isn’t your body worth the extra $? Stop buying crap food and sugary drinks and get quality products instead.

Household products, carpets, and paint all contain high doses of chemicals. So, as much as possible, get some healthier one because you will breathe that every single day of your life.

When we reduce the toxins we are exposed to, we keep our bodies as pure and healthy as possible. It is the key to our mental wellbeing and for our intuition to increase.

We have to be drastically honest with ourselves.

Yep, it is unpleasant to realize that we don’t do what we should. It’s more comfortable to ignore what we do. We can then pretend that we are anxious for other reasons, avoiding taking responsibility for our health. As human beings, we tend to reject the fault on others.

We want to be intuitive to be reassured that we follow our soul’s journey, but we deprive our soul of having a functioning vehicle!

Why do we do that?

So we don’t have to take responsibility for our actions.

But then, we create a life that is not aligned with who we truly are.

We are amazing souls whose powers reside in truth. We are courageous, full of inner resources. We are intrinsically meant to be joyful and happy. We can learn to create the life we want by following our inner guidance.

So if you think it’s hard to be real, it’s not your true nature saying that… It’s just a fear.

Quick it out… Take actions… You will feel super proud of yourself! It will bring good doses of happiness that will reduce your anxiety due to a lack of control of your own life.

Start acting today by considering what changes you can bring. It’s better not to do everything at once as that will in itself trigger stress. Look at the small steps you can take and stick with small changes. Then, move onto something else.

I honestly still have 2 cups of coffee a day, wine and chocolate every now and then, and I do not feel guilty about it! But when I look after my body the way I do, when I get some fresh air, when I listen to my intuition giving me a sense of direction; then I can relax. I can relax because I feel I’m more in control, I’m doing the right thing for myself, to the best of my abilities.

Being able to lay our foundations will give us a sense of control over our lives. We then have our own back and that’s a huge thing to reduce our anxiety. We become our best friend, our biggest support. We give our soul the vehicle it deserves for its journey on earth.

Once we act this way, we make our body happy, and the reward is an increased intimate connection with it. It becomes our best tool for living this life following our intuition. Our body will give us back by giving us energy, mental clarity, and focus. It will give us back by transmitting clear messages from our soul and higher consciousness.

So don’t be afraid to build up the foundations that you so need. You, my friend, are born powerful beyond measure, reclaim that power now!

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