What to consider when making your big New Year’s resolutions, so 2019 might actually be the best year of your life.

What do we really want in life?

‘To be happy’ would be the first answer for many of us.

Then why do the years pass, leaving us wondering why we aren’t fulfilled?

At this time of the year, I point the finger at this trend to have ‘New Year resolutions’.

Let’s clarify this statement: off course there are many other factors to be considered regarding our lack of fulfilment. Here, I just consider one timely angle of this vast subject.

It’s great to set healthy realistic objectives that will make our life better. Focusing on our self once a year to decide the direction we want to take is important as it makes us cultivate self-introspection and personal growth.

The problem is when we fix our self massive goals that are too ambitious and that we want to accomplish quickly.

In this article, I would like to share with you some ideas that will help you reshape your new goals, so they will be in tune with you and the flow of life.

So, have you thought about your new year’s resolutions yet?

What do we often ask our self when a new year starts?

“What do I want to accomplish? What is my purpose? Where do I want to be at the end of the year 2019; professionally, in my relationships, in my home, my travels etc.?”

When fixing goals like that, we don’t focus on realistic changes to bring, we rethink our whole life.

If that is the case for you, a deeper work on yourself is needed.

Wanting a quick change on those levels is going to leave you bitter, unhappy, and judging all your other experiences as negative, as blockages in your life.

Why not having a smaller goal to start with, one that you can practice every day and will give you instant gratification, one that will take you to feeling fulfilled in the long term?

We create our reality by the way we see and interact with the world. If we radiate joy and gratefulness every single day, then we will receive happiness, connections, opportunities and much more.

For this, we can start by feeling within how we can create some small goals that will trigger changes inside of us.

It could be to start a therapy, or to start a new sport or an activity that has the only purpose to make us smile. It could be to go see psychics, healers, astrologers, that will help us know our self better.

These small changes often imply to get out of our comfort zone and try something new.

Anything that helps us become a brighter version of our self can be a realistic and objective goal to have.

When we start taking small steps to become an amazing and happy human being, every single day of our life, we fill our tank of self-care and joy. Then, we can start shining those around us and create the bigger picture that we want.

How often have we had big goals that ended up crushed by the obvious? We simply were too ambitious and demanding.

Big ambition will burn us down and make us feel bad about our self because it won’t give us what we need: moving with the flow of life, having fun every day, resting when we need.

This is how life can make us ‘train our happy vibes’, by leaving room for spontaneity and change, by taking us for a crazy wild ride into the perfect unknown.

When we become too ambitious, we deplete our energy towards a goal that might not even be the one that is really meant for us. We think it is meant for us to accomplish that now but often this idea is ego based and not in tune with the flow of our life, of our learning.

Remember that to move a mountain, we have to start moving away one little rock at a time.

Have an idea of who you want to be when you are old, what kind of feelings do you want to feel. What will your energy be like? What will you radiate around you?

Just tune into your older you without asking for any details on how you got there, when, doing what etc…

Ask the happy, vibrant, fulfilled and wise older you inspire you to live every day, right here, right now.

Ask that every step that you take be one that takes you to where you need to be going to be that happy old you. Let go of the need to know, of the need to cultivate big vision boards and big goals.

Can we make every single day that we live, the only day that matters, with the only ambition being to find joy within and rise up to the occasion when challenges happen?

To create a happy, joyful and fulfilling life in 2019, may you accept that whatever comes is the perfect gift from the universe to teach you something.

Then, we need to consider time when creating our goal for the New Year.

We are impatient beings. Especially nowadays when everything seems to happen so fast.

Why is our objective taking so long to manifest?

We go to workshops on ‘manifesting our dream’, ‘bringing abundance in our life’, ‘creating the life we want’, ‘finding our soulmate’ etc.

We do the exercises and really feel that now that we have done it, it’s going to happen.

Then we find our self wondering:

- “Why it is actually still not happening?”

- “What am I doing wrong because nothing is changing?”

- “Certainly, I haven’t done enough to make it happen, so let’s spend more time, energy and money to really go for it.”

Well, actually, we haven’t done anything wrong at all. We just forgot the irreplaceable ingredient: time.

Time can’t be rushed, avoided or created.

Every day that passes teaches us something, so why don’t we relax a little bit and actually enjoy the day even if we don’t actively do anything towards our big vision?

We might very well ripe many benefits by just having fun: the energy of inner peace, the connection to our self and others, the relaxation of the body and the mind…

Consider how time will influence your goal. Remember that there are always events that we can’t foresee that will happen and slow things down or accelerate things.

So what about considering not this whole year as the one that can make us feel the happiest ever, but every single day of this year as the one and only day that counts; the one and only day that is being offered to us to rise up to the occasion to feel joyful?

So this year, for me, it will be this:

“May 2019 be the year where I fulfil my deepest desire to find joy every single day that passes. May whatever comes teach me patience, courage and resilience. May I learn to look after myself on a daily basis, so my physical body, my mind and my soul all vibrate with the songs of the flow of life. May all beings be safe and happy.”