Why awakening can be so challenging and how to exploit this tremendous opportunity?

Cendrine Sauvenier
Jun 25, 2019 · 8 min read
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I often see this question being asked on social media groups that I belong too:

“Why are people who have awoken still so horrible?”.

My answer to this question is very clear and straight forward:

“Because they are humans”.

But such a short reply will not please the seeker of deeper spiritual understanding.

When we start to realize that astrology is more than the Woman’s Weekly columns’, we have taken our first baby steps.

When the bubble of our life suddenly explodes, because we come to realize that all our material possessions won’t fill the void of our inner emptiness, we have taken another baby step.

When we start questioning the very foundations of our society, of religions, philosophy, medicine and the rest, we only start walking.

Then comes the quest for more…

“What about light beings? And aliens?”

“Oh dear, I forgot to clear my crystals on the full moon, that must mean bad luck right?”

“Doreen Virtue rejects her past work because she found Jesus, what does that mean? Should I through all my decks away?”

“I might have to become vegan but I love my cheese so much. Can a spiritual person still eat meat?”

There, instead of running with confidence, we slow down and start stumbling…

If we want to start running too fast too soon, we will get hurt. Especially if we push other people away because we think they stink!

Awakening is coming to the realization that there is something more to our materialistic life, that there is a different way of living.

It is the first glimpse of the depth of wisdom that lies beyond the veils of our illusions.

It is often distressing and confronting to realize that our belief system is now obsolete.

What can we believe in then? What can we trust?

Anger, frustration, and a sense of isolation will start rushing in.

We no longer relate to our family members, our friends, our colleagues. We put our whole life into question.

The first moment of the awakening process is like an explosion. It is powerful and destructive.

Even if we have different awakenings at different times in our lives, I see the same distress in all the conversations I come across in spiritual circles.

Why is that?

It is because we start seeing for the very first time and what we see if so damn difficult to understand that we go into freak-out mode.

We become the “Neos” in our own Matrix”.

Neo couldn’t bear to see the truth, so what did he do?

He vomited!

He had a strong physical reaction, a repulsion, a shock.

Then he started rejecting others, saying they were liars. It was intense. It was a shock, an explosion of his world and the way he used to see it.

But it was too late, he had taken the pill, went down the rabbit hole. He had seen the truth and there was no coming back.

He had no choice but to rise up to the occasion and become the true warrior that he always was deep within.

What really made the whole difference for him though, was when he started working on himself. He started training hard (I know, me too, I can’t wait to be able to download Kung Fu skills). He would train relentlessly.

He learned many new skills, and that helped him grow his knowledge and confidence. But he still was a victim because he didn’t believe in himself.

It is only when confronted with the bad guys that he started avoiding the bullets, then saving Morpheus.

He rose up to the occasion when life threw at him the challenges that were going to make him become who he was always meant to become: the One.

Back to earth in 2019 now… No machines have taken over — yet.

But our awakening story is starting to reach more and more people, creating a ripple effect on the masses.

Thank God, we don’t all vomit after waking up, or it’d create a big mess.

But we do go into variable states of shock.

We can choose to stay there, in a state of shock. A lot of us do

We then become the victims of a horrible world directed by mean people and corporations who are trying to kill us all by spreading fluoride in our waters.

We can hide in our home, hating other people for being so stupid because they pay their bills and go to see a GP. We can moan, wondering if God even exists because we can’t really hear our own spirit guides.

Or we can stop playing victims and start training. We can choose to learn, grow, and live in a place of joy and love.

We can be like Neo, use what we have to rise up to our full potential.

- And if you think he’s luckier than you because he can download equipment, think about the food they eat every single day and what’s in your fridge right now! -

The training I’m talking about is in our inner world.

It’s not because we have awoken to another reality that our personality has changed. We still have our fears, negative beliefs and destructive ways in places.

We are still humans!

So, we react to emotions, to other people’s actions, to what’s happening in the world.

We have to work on ourselves to better ourselves.

Awakening doesn’t equal becoming an angel!

The training inside our own self is only starting… And there are many rooms to train from.

Training our mind is the very first step of opening up to a brand new world, the one that lies beyond the veils of our illusions, of our dream state.

Like the Matrix did for Neo, the Universe is going to bring us exactly the experiences that we need to awaken us more to our soul.

Don’t you secretly desire to become “The One” too?

Then let’s start training!

We see morons everywhere? What about we are the prick for judging others even though they are trying their best we what they have?

Society is a nightmare? What about we, humans, created it as a collective? We did that, so we can undo it, one step at a time.

Why not take conscious actions to become an earth guardian instead of losing our energy to smash a hidden government that we will never find?

When shit happens, what about trying to see it as a great challenge to test our ability to stay detached, to go with the flow, to surrender?

You see my friend, being truly awake is hard work.

Because the more we can see clearly, the more we have the responsibility to rise up. The more we have to peel off our own layers of fears, limiting beliefs and judgment systems.

Where can we get help? Where can we find a tribe? Who can inspire us?

I know, me too I wish Morpheus was around, simply popping me an email to let me know he’s found me!

But in 2019 on our Earth now, we really can’t complain about the lack of inspiration…

What about seeking inspiration from enlightened masters?

Because being awake is one thing, but being enlightened is another.

True spiritual masters awoke but didn’t stop there to moan for the rest of their lives about how sick society and people really were.

They started digging deep, trusting God and the flow of life to help them.

They started seeing the light within themselves. They saw that this light was the same as the light of God, and exactly the same as the light in others.

They walked relentlessly on the path of enlightenment. They did it in their daily actions.

They looked after their body and health, they meditated daily, they prayed, they served the world and other humans.

Those are the teachers that have used their awakening as the starting point towards true happiness. Because they understood that the work is to be done on ourselves first, and always.

The outside world will continue to exist as it does.

We can only change ourselves. We can become true awakened warriors, ready to spread the light that we cultivate within us. We will then share our light with others out of compassion and empathy.

Instead of judging others for the many actions that they take and that are not that spiritually aligned, we will observe with detachment.

I don’t know why I talk about enlightened masters in the past tense. I guess I was thinking about the Buddha, Jesus, Parahamsa Yogananda, Hildegarde von Bingen, Mother Theresa, and so many others.

But really, many masters are walking on this earth now. Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Sadhguru, Parahamsa Yogananda, and many more.

Why not learn from them?

They have done it… This whole awakening process, this enlightenment journey.

Reading their books, getting inspired by their own personal lives, are great ways to find inspirations.

We are all different, yet we all have the same light shining within.

If we concentrate on finding this light and expanding it, then we will see more and more masters showing up in our lives.

Every human that crosses our path will become a teacher that we honor and respect.

Every difficulty will be thanked as a tool to continue ripping the veils of our illusions off.

What we focus on, grows.

Our awakening is a great gift if we choose to take it as the starting point in our journey. If we are humble enough to recognize that we live from a place of ego.

If we acknowledge that with compassion for ourselves, we will only start walking on the path.

Then, maybe life will allow us the start running.

We will stumble, we will hurt ourselves. Others might push us away and we might have to change races.

But if we pick ourselves up, if we care for our own wounds, if we stop to help others who have stumbled to stand up and continue, then, only then, and maybe, will we start walking on the path of the true light warriors.

I’ll see you on that path my friend, for I have learned to pick myself up many times.

I have learnt to be humble in my quest for I have still so much to learn.

I have learned to stop and take the hand of a friend who hurt herself and couldn’t stop crying.

I had to change races many times, but I will continue to run relentlessly anyway.

I can’t help it, there is no other way.

The light that I have found within me is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And my whole life now is dedicated to growing this light.

I do this for myself, so I can be happy.

I do this for my children, so they can find their own light too.

I do this for others, so they can see how amazing it is to cultivate the light and watch it grow. So they can see that we can be happy in this beautiful world we create together.

I do this for this earth, because she’s got a light too, and she needs ours to shine bright.

I do this for God Source because he gave me the chance to live this very life, and that is the most precious gift of all.

Keep on rising my friend, and never regret having taken the red pill!

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