Collections: Curating a More Browsable Medium
katie zhu

I strongly agree with your viewpoint katie zhu: “We believe that in order to create a great reading experience for humans, other humans should be part of that process.”

I moved the blog for our email newsletter at Ladders to Medium this year. With 8 mm subscribers, we’ve always had great interaction with our readers individually, but I was looking for something more social and community-oriented without the drudgery of dealing with comment spam. That can really be soul-draining.

I love the high level of thoughtful, engaged readership on Medium. A few of my posts have gone viral on Medium, and while the readership is still a small percentage of what we achieve directly ourselves, the comments and interaction are far higher quality, far more consistently.

I’ve enjoyed working with curators at Medium such as Chad Grills and Joel Mwakasege, and the taste and connoisseurship they bring to their publications. This new feature seems like it will only help make human curation even better.

Thanks for making writing for the web enjoyable again!

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