Prophecy for North America

On Sunday, 12th July 2015, I Cengiz Khan Erol, Shaman of the Soul Power Nation, was given a vision from the spiritual realm, prophesying the judgement and destruction of the United States of America and Canada. I was instructed that I would be involved in a 430 day period, of intensive preparation with the spirit world and that the judgement process would begin on 15th September 2016.

In this intense download of information, I witnessed a great fireball consuming the land, the trees falling in flames, the mountainsides were ablaze. I then saw Russian speaking UN soldiers, processing the people at Walmart shopping malls that were being used as emergency aid centers. These places had a distinctly anti-Christian aura and I perceived the spirits of Jesuit priests, guarding the entries and exits.

I was then taken into a secret meeting, where all the leaders of the charities and aid organisations, agreed to deny food and medicines to males, in order to force them into these processing centers. The men will then be taken by rail, to detention camps, where they will be allowed to starve to death.

Finally, I was shown a grand motorcade, heralding the arrival of a new political regime, coming to power across North America. The streets were lined only with women, cheering and welcoming their new leader. The men were all gone. Shortly afterwards, I witnessed all those women being slaughtered.

At the time of receiving this vision, I sent a detailed report to council members and charity leaders in the town of Squamish, British Columbia, where I was staying. The next day I was arrested by RCMP and deported from Canada, back to London, handcuffed to a police escort.

On Monday, 3rd October 2016, having successfully completed all preparations with the spirit world, I received a second vision, in which I spoke with Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, the King of Heaven and Earth.

He said to me, “Take heart Cengiz Khan, we need your courage, loyalty and character yet. I am sending you back into the world, but not to be as the world. You are to be my apostle, to the tribes of the Earth Mother and the Sons and Daughters of Aries. Prepare them for my return brother, it has begun.”

The only word I can add to this is “Hallelujah” performed by Jon Bon Jovi;