Why did Fenerbahce football club fail to manage the change promised?

I am a staunch Fenerbahce supporter and a member of FB Congress. We saw our worst start to the league with unprecedented bad scores. Our couch Cocu is utterly unsuccessful. Nevertheless, this does not mean he is not a good coach. As a matter of fact, that question is irrelevant. It’s not about football. It’s all about managing the change. It’s not different than the cases you would find in many companies, small or global, which are in need of structural changes to cope with the new realities.

I think this is a perfect case study for business schools. Cocu and FB’s new leadership simply failed to lead a change in the club. They have done almost everything wrong. No sequence, no pace, no direction, most of all no attention to ‘feelings’ of those who are to realize and/or being affected by the change.

FB is in urgent need of a business consultant who knows how to manage change, not a sportive director (D. Comolli) or sportsmen who know about football and football industry.

If there is one club President who has the vision and guts to do this it is our beloved new President Ali Koc. That must be an irony of the time that FB totally messed up this purported change under his leadership, a leader who is praised for his professionalism and business acumen, at least until now.

I hope he will see where the fundamental problem lies. I can’t recommend best consultants for this task but I can name quickly two books to make my point:

  • Leading Change by P. Kotter
  • Switch, by C. Heath

I strongly believe that provided that FB applies the following formula, which is well presented with many real world examples in Switch, not only FB but also Turkish football enterprise is likely to reform itself for sustainable success. To change clinging, outdated, and established habits as well as world views is always hard, very hard indeed; yet there is way out, which is borne out by science and experience.

Direct the Rider

  • Point the Destination
  • Script the Critical Moves

Motivate the Elephant

  • Find the feeling
  • Grow your people

Shape the Path

  • Build habits
  • Tweak the environment

They (Cocu, Comolli and Ali Koc) spoke to the Rider (our rational side) when they should be speaking to the Elephant (our emotional part). And the most disturbing part seems to be that they had no idea that was the problem.

The question and solution is, then, to create the harmony between the Rider and Elephant!

Hear me Ali the President🙏 We trust you👍