(Big Data)x(Big Company Strategy) = Big Mistake

I was thinking of why Big Data Investments worldwide didn’t scale yet in large corporations, I think I have a clue. Big Data can’t evolve waiting for Big Companies’ investments, why? The main reason Big Data couldn’t still scale is beacause the IT Industry is still betting on large companies in order to scale Big Data investments worldwide. But if you look at Rogers Innovation Curve, you will realize that you need in the first place Innovators and Early Adopters before a topic scales. And as I see, Big Data is being pushed to Large Enterprises. But this is a wrong strategy, because these companies are neither Innovator or Early Adopter most of the time. So in order to evolve Big Data, we shouldn’t focus on creating value for big companies, but for smaller ones, that are early adopters. If we succeed to create value for these companies then, we will be able to convince the bigger ones. And then bigger ones will invest more money than most probably what is being spent in the market lately.

Originally published at cenksezgin.com.