Why I Wrote & Self-Published a Book

Writing a book is an opportunity for me to provide those of you inside and outside of education an intimate look into the lives of teachers, students, and the families of a low socioeconomic urban community. I want to shed light on and advocate for teachers and students and share an unapologetic look into the world of the elementary classroom.

And while I was busy being a teacher, I had a revelation while going through a lot of emotional trauma in my own personal life. At the time I was dealing with my mom’s cancer battle, my husband’s depression, and trying to figure out how to navigate through our troubeled marriage. I began to see how my personal challenges were parallelling my students’ lives. Watching them go through their trials helped me go through mine. By writing this book I could communicate an understanding that we are all connected.

Before, I often felt detached from my students and their lives, but I soon realized I was no different from them. And soon I saw clearly: we ALL are one and the same. We all are more alike than we think.

During my most trying times, I felt alone. I wish I would’ve known that someone was going through the same things I was going through. Even though sharing some of the ugliest, most painful parts of my life scares me, I feel it’s my calling to do so, because we connect where we’re broken. And if my vulnerability helps someone else, then we all begin to heal.

May whatever I share in my book or blog inspire readers to begin their own healing journey.

May we all find freedom!