Censusworks is proposing to rename Celo Gold (cGLD) to just Celo (CELO). This will provide a clear differentiation between the Celo native asset and the suite of Celo stablecoins.

Update! This proposal passed and Celo Gold is now known as Celo native asset or just Celo for short. Thanks to all who voted.

Celo has evolved from an original design of a proof-of-work stablecoin to a fully-fledged proof-of-stake network with a mission to leverage a suite of stablecoins as a means of exchange for people around the world. …

Make some money, have your say, and be part of something great. How to automatically stake Celo Gold and participate in on-chain governance using Celovote.

Just acquired some shiny new Celo Gold? Wondering how to manage it? You’ve come to the right place.

Staking Celo Gold

Celo is a cryptocurrency collateralized by Celo Gold. If this is a surprise then head on over to An introductory guide to Celo and come back afterwards.


Correctness you can count on. Reliable blockchain validation and tooling, from censusworks.com.

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