Proximity marketing is all about marketing to your consumer at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant and personalised notifications. It’s always great when you see businesses trying new things that make their customer’s experience better. But sometimes, businesses have great intentions when adopting new technology but are unable to make it work. This article presents few tips for businesses looking to adopt proximity marketing.

  1. Finding the right Target Audience

The first step is to find the right customer base for your product. Customers do not wish to receive ads or notifications for unnecessary products. For instance…

Shopping in the past has an essence of its own. Those corner sweet shops, old fashioned bakeries, milk from a local milk man and pretty dresses from the local mall. Just thinking about these things makes us want to go back to those simpler days. This is a small article that tells you everything about how shopping in the past was different from today’s day and age. Sit back, read and feel nostalgic.

Personalisation: There were no apps or data collection methods to personalise products for different customers. It was a just a simple customer connect that helped the vendors…

Men generally carry a don’t care attitude while shopping. They don’t care if the product that they are looking for is on sale, they don’t compare prices, they don’t bother going to multiple shops looking for the same product. However, quality and efficient payment process is important to them. They want to get in, get what they need and get out fast. So, what are few things that men benefit by:

More Price Conscious and Less Time-Sensitive: Understanding the product, how it should be used and knowing it’s features. Though this process takes longer, results of the product purchase is…

We Welcome you with all our heart

The old-fashioned and lost retail practice has an essence of its own. How did they manage to personalize without technology? It is their charm, good old-fashion customer service where “everyone knows your name”.

In the era of e-commerce and online shopping, bombarding the customers with ads in every social media platform possible, the art of subtlety in marketing and connecting with the customers in retail stores is lost. While e-commerce is taking over the world, it is important for the retailers to is deliver customer care that stands out from local competition and even big-box competitors.

Old-fashioned customer care is…

Shopping malls were an ecosystem. It was not just an outing but an experience in itself. However, there is a major decline is the number of malls today. The reason is nothing new. It is because e-commerce is taking the world by storm and customers are enjoying the comfort of shopping from home and that trend is expected to keep growing. Foot traffic at malls has been on the decline for years. The estimate is that around 8600 stores will close down in this year alone thus causing a great recession. Since 2002, department stores have lost 448,000 jobs, a…

Centareum is a proximity based online to offline to online (O2O2O) platform for retailers helping them to provide a satisfactory and personalized shopping experience to the customers which is long gone for the ages.

It is inevitable that Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020. In 2019, Centareum aims on providing the cutting edge technology for the retailers which helps in providing a Satisfactory experience for the customers.

How can retailers stay at bay in 2019 away from retail apocalypse?

- Laser target your customers like never before

With Proximity based…

In last 10 years Over 12,000 physical stores have been closed, due to the lack of matching with customer demands and trends.

E-commerce platforms are taking the world by storm and the in-efficient retail experience that the consumers are facing is serving as a helping hand for the same. So, what is Retail Apocalypse? It is a phenomenon where the traditional retail industry has been eaten up by the exponential growth of e-commerce. This is a problem because e-commerce is projected to make up to 17.5% of the total retail sales in China and US leading the race by 2021. However, Retail industry is not completely dead yet. It can accelerate back up with efficient use of technology to provide first-class customer…

Centareum is a proximity based online to offline to online (O2O2O) platform for retailers helping them to provide a satisfactory and personalized shopping experience to the customers which is long gone for the ages.

Centareum’s work algorithm is comprised within these three important connections

  1. Retailer
  2. Customer
  3. Validator

Following Explains the workflow of the each:

1. Retailer Workflow

Retailer registers with centareum and will post products on their brand’s online store by allocating rewards in the form of fiat. By allocating the rewards their account gets verified.Now, they create brand points to give away to them, as reward to the customer…

The retail industry is continuously evolving every day to provide a satisfactory experience to the customer. As the retail industry is coping up with the modern trends, there are many challenges faced by retailers every single day.

Here are 5 nightmares for retailers which often keep them up at nights:

1. Keeping up with Customer Expectations

As a retailer, you should always optimize your store by learning modern trends and customers behaviors. But, there’s a problem. Customer’s choices change every day rapidly. Many retailers end up in a confusion on what elements are to be added in order to keep…

4 Cool Things To Do In Singapore After Work

Mentally drained from the countless amount of emails? Working long hours could be mentally draining. According to JobsCentral, More than 60% of Singapore workers complain of heavy workload and work stress and in 2017 Singaporeans worked the longest hours in the world which counts 45 hours a week.

Here are a few fun activities, we at Centareum incorporate to battle the office madness and stress.

1. Find Your Zen at Yoga Clubs

What else will be better than relaxing your mind and inner body after a long working day?

Yoga is indeed one activity which is becoming quite popular among…


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