Is This The New Lifeline for Brick and Mortar Retail Stores?

In 2017, store closing announcements in the US tripled to a record 7000, while there were 662 filings for bankruptcy in the retail sector. Although a lot of these were mom-and-pop stores, the list also included major national retailers including Toys R Us, Payless Shoes, Gymboree and Rue21. Indications of trouble were apparent for The Limited and RadioShack which shut down almost all their stores. Retail was one of the biggest losers in the employment sectors — employment fell by 36,000 jobs.

The Singapore retail scene too, suffered from a blow when prominent retail stores such as iwannagohome, Goods of Desire, Parko, Celio, Raoul, m)phosis and Comics Connection chose to pull their shutters down.

What was the cause of this setback for brick and mortar retail?

  • Stiff competition with Ecommerce
  • Growing customer preference for all things digital
  • Higher operating costs
  • Lower sales volume

All of these led to retail stores taking the hit. Is this the Retail Apocalypse?

Enter Centareum. The Lifeline for Brick and Mortar Retail Stores. Centareum is ready to take over the retail sector by a storm. It will prove to be a godsend for these stores because it combines technology with the physical by using proximity based marketing for not only a better reach, but also for a better conversion rate. It will provide better opportunities for both customer acquisition as well as customer retention, because it offers what nobody else does: a personalized experience in the offline market.

What the stores need to do? Simply download the Centareum DApp, which has a three-step process to start a mobile campaign in less than three minutes.
Login to Centareum DApp.
Take a picture.
Enter demography of the customer and your broadcasting area.
Publish the ads. The ad validation process takes 5–10 minutes.
And it’s good to go.

Stores can now accept payment via the DApp itself.

This is the first such system to show retailers the real-time conversion of their ads for an offline store. Once the customers pay via any cryptocurrency, fiat currency or make use of the promo code, it gets entered in the system and whenever this promo code is used by the customers, it logs in as an entry in the form of graph.

The store can see real-time conversion and ads reach to the audience all without any payment.

Centareum is all ready to roll out and disrupt the existing marketplace by providing targeted advertising for retail businesses along with giving the best shopping experience to the customers. The ICO phase will begin in August 2018 followed by product launch in October in USA, Singapore and India.

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