1. A blockchain-based machine learning platform reported to be non-intrusive, effective and efficient has been produced to help businesses solve complex data problems; it helps to discover new patterns in their data, predict when sales are going to be made and generally predict consumer behavior based on what they’ve done…

The past few years have witnessed an unparalleled growth in the use of cryptocurrencies; though the movement of price this year has not been as exciting as it was towards the end of 2017, the curiosity about the subject has not waned at all; in fact it has increased; this…


“You are your own bank”, in other words, your funds are your responsibility; this is one of the very liberating and yet sensitive aspects of cryptocurrency.

It’s a very cool thing to have full control over your funds yet it’s another to know how…

We are getting listed on Crex24 soon, this would be our second exchange (after the IDEX listing) and we have two more to go for the month of September.

Remember we promised to list on 3 exchanges this September, gladly, our experienced publicity experts are already working so hard to…

In recent times, cryptocurrency and blockchain have become familiar trends on several fora across the globe, while some users are already taking advantage of this developing technology, others are still wondering, “what is this craze all about? Why should I get involved?”

1. You have complete control of your assets…

1. We’ve been listed on IDEX


We delivered as we promised and now, CEN can be securely traded on one of the leading decentralized exchanges.

2. We’ve been listed on CMC too.


Coinmarketcap is a renowned global hub for real-time crypto data, this means CEN is now placed…


We’re really excited that CEN has been listed on IDEX, though the price fell hard after a while, because the airdrop participants who cheated our system sold their ill-gotten bags but we bought back most of those coins at a cheaper price.

In the meantime, the price seems…


1. We’ve been listed on IDEX as promised.


2. We’ve been listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC) too.


3. 3 exchanges have been confirmed for September.

4. Our company’s social profiles have been verified by Mertacertprotocol.com

5. More investors are getting acquainted with…

It’s the goal of any blockchain project to be readily accessible to both regular and institutional investors; one way of doing this, is to make it available in at least one reliable exchange; this is where sellers and buyers trade cryptocurrency pairs and values.

We inform you with great enthusiasm…

Anyone who has been around the crypto-sphere long enough, needs not be told the usual troughs and crests exhibited by the market; It’s so volatile that warnings to crypto enthusiasts and investors alike, aren’t so hard to find, whether on exchanges or any other financial website; the beautiful part of…


Centaure is a platform which connects the 2 parties on a live streaming session and making the process of consultation and advisory process much more flexible.

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