Did you ever read about SWOT analysis? It’s a useful technique for understanding one’s strengths/weaknesses and for identifying both the opportunities open to you and the threats you face; it’s a necessary action carried out by organizations (to have a clear strategy and realistic assessment) thereby ensuring inhibited business growth.

With a very comprehensive swot report, it becomes very clear what risks the organization is open to, and once that is determined, some points will be clear e.g

a. Time will be saved in trying to mindlessly engage in a fruitless campaign.

b. Energy that may have been dissipated on some unproductive mission will be preserved.

c. Necessary precautions will be worked up to guarantee prevention of “risk-invasion”.

d. Plan B scenarios will be put in place, to disallow a total shutdown of operations and collapse of the organization, if the unexpected happens.

e. Depending on the nature of the risk, resources that may have been employed in dealing with the aftermath of the crisis will be channeled to other profitable areas.

We aren’t indifferent to this needful tool, as we’ve taken note of certain risk factors that we may face here at centaure:

1. ADOPTION: change is a constant phenomenon, yet sometimes people are ‘hung in the balance’ when it comes to facing new fronts; many times some folks would just prefer to continue in their comfort zones forgetting that what they now know as familiar, was probably once a mystery; that’s why we’re very concerned about the adoption of our tokens in an “untraveled yet green terrain” : a blockchain-powered advisory/consultancy live-stream platform. Indeed, we’re working so hard to make it as flexible, affordable and convenient as possible.

2. DIFFICULTY TO PURCHASE OUR TOKENS (CEN): Since we’re a global organization and want wide-spread adoption, ease of token purchase is a major view we have in sight. Too often, there are limitations for a project because of technical bureaucracies; so we’ve decided to dissolve such bottlenecks and make CEN an unproblematic handy product.

3. GOVERNMENTS: The macro cum micro policies instituted by a government can affect the operation of a business venture sometimes positively and otherwise. There are times when a new government takes over office and businesses grow in leaps and bounds than ever before and some other times, the reverse is the case. Here at centaure, we’re quite prepared to deal with that situation as well.

4. COMPETITORS: Competition has come to stay; it has been and will continue to be the unpaid uninvited auditor; it actually keeps businesses on their toes and makes them deliver as promised; it’s a rather silent scrutinizer of an organization’s price, product, delivery etc.

For a business to remain relevant in the global arena, it must continue to uphold its core values, uniqueness and ideals while improving on its day to day processes; this is exactly what we stand for at

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