Our Short And Long Term Goals

A wise man once said, ‘setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible’ and here at Centaure, we couldn’t agree more; its relevance cannot be over-emphasized; in business, just as in life generally, it’s important to have a giant plan (long term goals) to guide your everyday choices/decisions as well as short term goals to enable you gauge your progress, and stay motivated along the way; this is to say, while you have those big dreams for the future, it’s necessary to also have small tasks to enable you measure your success, make corrections and take detours where necessary.


1. Building a loyal community: This is one key factor in any endeavor; when you have so many users talking about a project and being passionately engaged with its features, it can easily be heard loud and clear in relevant quarters; the pump and dump phrase is extinguished because committed hands are on deck to see the project develop to its full potentials. We are building our community and it’s working.

2. Exchange listing: For a coin/token to get in public view and be accessible by crypto investors, it needs be listed on an exchange; this is where it can be traded securely; we’ll be getting Cen tokens listed on at least 10 different exchanges by Dec 2018.

3. Functionality: By January 2019, the full operability of our platform will be launched; by then, clients can have indescribably easy and significantly affordable live stream sessions with reputable professionals.

4. Mobile apps: In order to enhance usage, mobile apps will be in use and will be released right after the launch of our website; this is to ensure that from any location, our services can be accessed effortlessly.

5. Familiarity with our platform; It’s a known fact, that for crypto to gain mass adoption, its simplicity and flexibility shouldn’t be in doubt; that’s why here at centaure, we are keen on educating, enlightening and getting our users acquainted with all the easy-to-use features on our platform.

6. Quality of sessions: A prudent man said, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution”; this is one area where our eyes and ears are constantly open because we want our users to receive the best service possible which includes good sound and video quality, proper verification of the consultants etc.


1. Using our business growth model which is already working, we plan to hit at least 10k sessions/day within two years of launch.; our desire is to see that people all around the world, receive the invaluable help they’ve long craved for.

2. It’s true that as time goes on, there’ll be need to add new innovations and more features to the platform for user experience to be comely and smooth; we are always improving.

3. Our marketing and development team are in constant research on ways to make our token easier to purchase.

4. Strategic partnerships with other relevant projects for the purpose of improving the performance of our platform is key. We are on it too.

5. We are global; our vision is global; mass adoption is how and where we want to be. so we plan to keep expanding our tentacles and covering unreached grounds so that professional consultancy/advisory services can be utilized without the usual rigors that go along with booking such appointments.

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