As has been said already, we’re a digital cryptocurrency platform that makes it possible for advisory and consultancy services to be available in a live stream session between carefully vetted professionals and their clients in an amazingly flexible way.

Over the years, we’ve intensely observed how disadvantaged some people have been, either because of poor services in their area, or lack of (sufficient) patronage (on the part of skilled professionals). Below are some thoughts that will give you insight into the recourse we’re determined to make possible:

1. Clients will be able to get consultancy sessions from consultants living abroad in a very accommodating manner. “How is this even possible”, someone may think; This is one key goal we’ve been nursing: making advisory business happen, no matter how far apart the parties are. It’s another way of saying, Centaure is enabling quality and flexibility on the international scene.

2. No office is needed for consultants to start their businesses; Indeed this is one feature that stands our platform out; apart from the stress involved, setting up a physical office doesn’t come cheap; office space will be rented, there are equipments to be bought, electricity and other bills are there to be taken care of. As it stands now, these costs are no longer necessary; we are here, we got you covered; right from the convenience of your home or any other suitable location of your choice, you can meet your clients and render your services.

3. Citizens of countries where there are no good consultants for any particular field (medical, legal teaching etc), will be able to hire quality consultants living abroad; there’ll be thorough vetting of consultants to make it absolutely sure, that everyone of them represents our undiluted quality. At Centaure, we are bringing sublime evenness to advisory services worldwide, so that someone in location A has as much opportunities to be well served as someone in location B.

4. Increase in employment; there are lots of cases where consultants have low or no patronage from the geographical region of their domicile, whereas there are numerous clients in dire need of their services elsewhere; this means they’re either unemployed, or because of low patronage, don’t get much remuneration for their qualification and expertise; our boundless service bridges this gap and squarely tackles this situation; consultants will be able to reach the numerous clients that need their skills; take for example Uber, their invention has made it easier for drivers to be reached and booked by their clients, food deliveries etc.

5. Reviews can’t be faked; there are 24–7 checks and balances to maintain the sanity and sanctity of the platform; It’s functionality is laced with accuracy; we’re always watching; this is one advantage of a blockchain powered platform; think of it as a cheat-proof; for us, it’s top priority, that the (consultant) ratings available on the platform, reflect the genuine position of users.