Despite the rapidly growing acclaim of Drupal, there are many who are not clear about the know-hows of Drupal or even familiar with it. To understand the advantages of Drupal, it is important to fathom what Drupal is.

Drupal is a scalable, open-source platform for content management system(CMS) and digital experience. Unlike the previous days, the files would be created using HTML which were interlinked with each other. One would have to upload them and have a thousand pages on a website with each page being a whole separate file. But with CMS, changes can be made in the particular…

We see how technology has paved its way into the lives of people from every phase. Videos are used to distract babies while eating food and grandparents want Facebook to while away time. Day by day, we see an upgradation in the scientific know how and yes, you’ll be considered pretty “old school” if you do not really know what those updates really are.

With digitalization in currencies there has been an advancement in the payment system as well. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin evolved over the period of time due to elimination of the traditional approach of payment. Earlier it was…

Centillion Tech

Innovative technology company, Navi Mumbai, India

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