Why Serverless Architecture Stands out as The Game Changer

If you have been dozing under a rock for last few years, Serverless Architecture is your next big step to take in the journey from physical hosting to deploying software or code on the cloud. Following a logical progression from monoliths to microservices, serverless architecture sees the big future through fine-grained, event-driven functions.
For some might relate serverless with microservices-based applications but, it is a further breakdown of applications. For every action you make, there is a function focused on an even smaller scope of application logic than that of microservices.
Serverless computing is a computational model where no dedicated servers or VMs needs to be up and running on your premises 24×7. It is the Cloud provider you choose, that takes care of everything; from VMs to the underlying infrastructure, orchestration, and automation required to support any type of applications and run a voluminous number of events… read more