Since sharing our project with the community — some experts have been asking us, why does the blockchain economy need another incentive platform. Infact, some have taken it to themselves to weigh in, judge and even try to influence negative perception on our project ( we will not name the people).

Our goals remain intact, and our progress — very promising. Infact, our community growth has accelerated rapidly. Barely 24 hours after launch, our Telegram group have grown leaps and bounds, into the 5 digits.

To counter potential concerns, we have repeatedly debated what is Centive, and what is it…


Internet and technology company chooses ICO route to achieve rapid growth strategy

Singapore : Today, Centive Technologies Corporation, an internet and technology company that are making moves to “reshape the incentive industry” announces that it will conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its blockchain-based incentive network, to the tune of US$35 Million. The ICO will kick-off on 31st August 2018.

Centive Technologies Corporation had previously announced it successfully closed a private investment round, which it used to invest into technology development and deployment. …

Thanks to a supportive community, our following have been growing exponentially. We originally designed our deck, and 1-pager to be bite-sized so anyone can read and understand. However, we feel compelled to provide a proper low-down for everyone’s benefit.

The primary problems we are looking to solve :-

> Inefficient data collection by many advertising platforms, to the detriment of businesses who rely on such information

> Advertising process is largely inefficient, and consists of too many middlemen (which also explains the high price)

> Community largely ignored. Social media platforms do not reward their community

> General lack of…

Blockchain technology is changing the world as we know it — whether we like it or not. Just as taxi drivers are losing their jobs to the Ubers of the world, countless industries will be upended by blockchain technology — even if they did not realize it yet.

Countless companies have sprouted since the creation of Bitcoin, alongside with thousands of multi-millionaires. While existing players, namely financial institutions (and banks) have poo-pooed on Bitcoin and the blockchain economy for close to a decade now, the industry has grown from strength to strength. …

If you don’t want your business to become irrelevant in your hands (within the next few years), listen up. We have spoken to many partners, and trust us when we say, a good majority of them have only started to catch up with the idea of startups, and running A/B testing for their marketing campaigns.

When we threw the idea of blockchain at them, many told us to slow down, and even after a thorough explanation — they still didn’t catch on, and thought it was irrelevant. We think, you either will thrive in this crypto economy, or you won’t…

Why Centive believes it’s the next big thing

Singapore : Today, Centive Technologies Corporation announces its plans to reshape the incentive industry. Centive will be introducing a cutting edge platform to be used both by businesses and consumers. Centive’s easy to use platform is powered by blockchain and will bring together value creators; who will benefit from blockchain’s frictionless, and ultra-low-cost transactions.

Its platform use cases range from enabling cashbacks, running affiliate networks, and even crowdfunding. Socially responsible brands who want to give back to the community can easily support community charity projects listed on its platform. Cutting edge features…

Internet and technology company raises private money to fund its revolutionary blockchain-based incentive network

Singapore: Today, Centive Technologies Corporation, an internet and technology company announces that it has secured a private investment round for its blockchain-based incentive network.

Although the investors and exact amount are undisclosed, it is believed to very strategic capital deployed by veterans of the internet industry in Southeast Asia. The funds raised will go towards product and business development, as well as hiring.

Centive’s COO, Benjamin Ryu said, “This round of investment is just the beginning. As we are close to finishing our product and platform…

In today’s world, there’s tonnes of projects being offered on ICOs. Duplicity in projects are very common, and so are far-fetched ideas and dreams. At its core, many ICOs do not care for project profitability or success. Founders (and early investors) just want to flip their tokens (or coins) for a quick profit.

While these issues are widely acknowledged as the key pitfalls of the ICO market, good projects still continue to get funding with ease, and without any major hiccups — which is good for the ecosystem as a whole. …

“Buy 1 get 1 free” — is probably the most popular promotional catch-phrase of the 21st century. The truth is that since the invention of proper price discovery tools (such as ecommerce websites and price comparison sites), it has become quite hard for retailers to pull such a trick — where prices are increased, and in return they dole out freebies. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and price sensitive, during the down economy.

The birth of “value seeking” consumers also caused concept of “brand loyalty” to be assigned to the dustbins of history. No longer is one consumer loyal to…


Centive is a blockchain-based incentive network centered on frictionless and ultra-low cost transactions.

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