Centmin Mod site & forum Progressive Web App (PWA) Conversion

George Liu
3 min readJul 28, 2018


I am a self confessed page speed optimisation addict so when I started reading up on Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and using service worker caching and precaching, I got all excited by the possibilities of making my sites and forums load pages even faster :)

On July 22, 2018 I started reading up on PWA and service workers doing simple test static HTML pages. I tried various methods, libraries and frameworks for service workers and settled on using Google Workbox.

Then once I had a basic handle on them, I started converting my centminmod.com site over to PWA. The site is a good candidate for testing as it’s purely static HTML based.

Add To Home Screen
Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Screen
Windows 10 native app installed

Page load speed wise, the performance gains have been awesome according to Google Data Studio / Google Analytic page speed metrics.

  • July 24th — PWA switch
  • July 25th — disabled Google Adsense page level ads
  • July 26th — a lot of webpagetest runs and re-tuning of centminmod.com site for page speed including adding some pre-caching to PWA service worker.

Now I am working on converting Centmin Mod community forums over to PWA support as well

Great thing about doing the forum PWA conversion is finer grain control over which visitors/members get to experience the PWA version. I’ve setup a custom Xenforo usergroup which has the PWA enabled version of the forums configured so can test privately and selecting add forum members to the usergroup. Thus excluding general visitors/members from PWA enabled version for now.

Update: forum users can now selectively enable PWA mode for forums via User Preference Options



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