Linode StackScript Centmin Mod LEMP Stack Install

A Linode StackScript allows you to customise and automate your Linode VPS server deployments. I’ve created an official public StackScript for my Centmin Mod LEMP stack installation for CentOS 7. You can follow the development on official forums here.

There are optional extras you can choose to customise your Linode VPS server deployments including adding your email so you can get a push notification alert to your mobile devices when the StackScript completes it run.

To use a Linode StackScript you need to rebuild a Linode VPS with a StackScript as outlined here or follow step by step illustrative how to guide here.

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Written by - LEMP stack auto installer - Nginx HTTP/2 + ngx_pagespeed paired with MariaDB MySQL, PHP-FPM , CSF Firewall

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