I’m a web developer and I’ve been stuck with the simplest app for the last 10 days

Its exactly my problem !!!!!

I’m in a false start for dev an internal web tool ….

I start with jquery and after i say no wait i’ve seen something called MVC frontend backbone, two way binding and ect…

When i start using bakcbone, but it dont make bindings, ok i had to check epoxy, but no easy to modularize, not easy to generate “row template” in an html table ….

Ok i check something else, start with ember i need npm, what is npm i need bower ok its the same thing.

Hooo its like maven, and after no its a maven ersatz.

Hein … i have to compile the project !!! what javascript isn’t a script langage ?????

I loop like this with testing knockout, react, handlebars, vuejs, and never find something i like.

I hate npm, bower, ember and all that bullshit, and the other problem is that using wicket or GWT is dangerous sometimes because of many reasons !

Like i want to use leaflet in a openstreetmap and i use gwt or wicket as frontend framework …

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