Americans do not seem to be able to think with any kind of logic when it comes to God(s) and guns.
J Timothy Dotson

Are guns out of control or are people out of control? Are legislators out of control? Are law-enforcement agencies and their employees out of control?

  1. We have a separation of Church and State, but many people think it’s just a one-way street. And, once again, is it the Church that doesn’t recognize the separation of Church and State, or the congregants?
  2. Who’s to say which nation is “saner”? Who makes that determination? You? What’s your criteria? That they agree with you? So everyone who agrees with you is “sane” and everyone who doesn’t is “insane”? Remember, the “easiest” answer isn’t always the best, and Freedom is tough because while everyone has a right to it, it doesn’t always, on the surface, benefit everyone. The Freedom of the Press didn’t benefit Richard Nixon, but we cannot deny how important it is that we do not restrict this Freedom. Our Forefathers put the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution as a direct response to the King’s law removing the right of the people to own firearms so that he could house soldiers in private homes (resulting in the 3rd Amendment). The Founders knew that the first step of any tyrant is to remove the peoples’ ability to rise up against said Tyrant.