Problem is, I don’t see a lot of the “racists/fascists” stooping down to antifa tactics, and that…
Elpeo Puru

But it’s not for the Racists/Fascists to employ Antifa tactics, that’s why they’re called “Antifa”. Now, if you’re referring to the rare instances of extreme Antifa tactics ( there’s two things to say about that:

  1. These are rare (and old) instances of this type of behavior. Regardless of what Fox News wishes we would believe.
  2. Fascists and Racists both have employed violent ways to get their point across, sometimes in spectacular (and well-documented) fashion. WWII and lynchings come to mind.

While I’m no fan of either Racists or Fascists, neither am I a fan of widening the Overton Window too wide to fast. The average person needs time to absorb and understand new concepts in order to comfortably assimilate them into their Worldview. To many it may seem common-sense and that everyone should just know this is the way we should be (same-sex marriage, equal pay for equal work, equality between the races/sexes, etc.) but they don’t. And they’ve had DECADES of opposing information being fed to them, information that has been considered “the norm” for the same amount of time. And when those “norms” are challenged, people don’t think about it as “Oh look, here’s a different way of thinking,” they think of it as, “Oh here we go, the Hippies are trying to take away my money and lifestyle again.” And with that mindset, they’re not open to new ideas.

When I worked in Helpdesk, we had a chart which listed the three levels of a potential caller: Negative, Even, and Positive. The Even and Positive caller were the easiest to work with because they were open to suggestions. They may not be happy (due to the fact that something isn’t working), but they’re at least not hostile. The Negative caller, on the other hand, was openly hostile: to the technician, the device, the issue, the world at large. They would be resistant to working with the technician and, in some cases, blame the technician for what wasn’t their fault in the least.

With the Negative caller, the first job of the technician would be to “bring the caller up to zero”. Before even attempting to troubleshoot the issue, the technician needed to troubleshoot the caller. They needed to listen to the problem the caller was having, needed to sympathize with the undue strain this problem was causing the caller, and get the caller, if not into a positive state of mind, into the Even or neutral (non-hostile) mindset. Once that was accomplished, then the actual troubleshooting could be accomplished.

And that’s what has to happen before we can widen the Overton Window any more. Introduce a concept, get the opposition up to zero, let the concept gain traction, open the Overton Window a little more, and let the process begin again.

But be cautious that you’re not opening the Overton Window just to open the Window. There are some concepts that should never be let through the opening.

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