I wonder if there is ever a point when the anti-racists and anti-fascists become worse than the…
Elpeo Puru

I think every group should look at themselves in the mirror constantly and play their own Devil’s Advocate. They need to look at what their doing and consider if they would tolerate the behavior that they’re exhibiting if it had come from someone or some group they dislike.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing that happen a lot lately. Not to pile on her more, but Kathy Griffin’s “art piece” is a perfect example. Kathy should have taken a breath, stopped for a minute, and then considered what she would have thought if some Neo-Nazi had held Obama’s head for an “art piece”. I bet dollars to donuts if that would have happened, some other poor sap would have been holding that severed head in the photographs (or the photographs would never have happened in the first place).

The interesting thing about your question and about what’s happening is that, no, I don’t think they’ll ever become worse. What we’re seeing is that they’re both the same. The working mentality is, “It’s okay if I do it because it’s not who I support, because the person who I support isn’t an asshole.” And THAT’S where they went wrong. When you know what you’re doing is wrong or in poor taste, but it’s okay because the person or group totally deserve it.

I draw inspiration from Batman when I feel the need to resort to the tactics of the people who do not share my views:

“This loud, clumsy stupid thing.This is the weapon of the enemy. We do not need it. We will not use it. Our weapons are quiet — precise. In time, I will teach them to you…”

Do not use the weapons of your enemy, because then you’re no better than them. Always be better than them. Always be Batman.

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